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Icon14 Re: Official Pedal/Shift knob thread!

Originally Posted by Lazer View Post
eh now that I have an aftermarket knob I can *knowledgably* post up in here lol. IMO, a simple washer won't do the trick fro the stock boot. It will keep it up, yes, but it will clink around the shaft VERY annoyingly. not only that but the boot will hold itself up as it is, just a small bit below the shiftknob.

Picture evidence:

As you can see the boot collar is bigger than the shaft to accommodate the stock knob's clip/base. Thus causing the shift boot to jingle around while rowing through the gears or vibrating with the roads. Very annoying AND ghetto as fuck. Thus, I came up with a super cheap alternative( well I can't take all of the credit, I got the idea from google. specifically some of the newest gen accord owners.)

Solution you ask? Again, more picture evidence!

As you can see it isn't perfect, and that's because it is my rough draft per se. it's due to be re-done in the next week or so as the weather permits. BUT the general idea involves some epoxy, a second shift boot w/ collar, a wooden dowel measuring 7/16" and a lot of trial and error and sandpaper/dremel work. I'll be making an in-depth DIY later in the week/month, but you get the gist of it. Not saying its the all answer...just my answer ANYWAYS, thats what I would do if you are like me and don't want to shell out money for a new boot, when the stock one is fine and the new boot STILL wouldn't come with a collar. And don't want your stuff looking all ghetto, but at the cost of about $6.27...
Although i see your point, there IS another solution that is FREE and looks good. You know that little bolt they give you with the knob? The way you have it, flip it around so that the flat part of it is facing your knob. Once that is done, if your knob is threaded correctly to your shaft, pull your boot up and wrap it OVER the little bolt. Go from side to side until it fits. And like you, my friend; PICTURE EVIDENCE :

This one's boot is a misfocused but I thought it'd be a nice picture for the purpose of the thread :D

Now to the picture where you can seee :

See how it gives it a cleaner look without having to buy either a new boot
or any of that other stuff you have listed?

If you don't have that little bolt though, his way is awesome! :D

OH and I forgot to add : There is NO annoying jingling, it stays put. I've only had to put it up again once and that was because I was lazy shifting and pushing down on the boot.

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