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  1. Chiefs Vs Brumbies takes place today RUgby
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  4. H22 rebuild thoughts
  5. How to: Replace a Clutch Switch
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  16. ENG: Removing Valve Cover to replace cover, or gasket
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  18. ENG: 97 BB6 Type SH motor mounts??
  19. High compression reading
  20. pushed fork to right = my bad... (wall of text time)
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  32. DIY: 4gp windshield washer removal
  33. ENG: Walbro Fuel Pump Installation / Replacement
  34. DIY SECTION RULES............................................. .YES, YOU...CLICK HERE
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  38. DIY Cylinder Compression Test
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  44. found a free f20b!!!
  45. tranny swap
  46. idle problems!! i know, theres 1000 threads about this.
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