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  1. HONDA Ghost shadow projectors install
  2. INT: 4th gen - replace gear lever cover (manual)
  3. 5th Generation Floor Carpet Complete Removal Difficulty
  4. INT: 4th Gen Aftermarket Steering Wheel Install
  5. INT: How to use the JDM foglight switch with V2 foglights
  6. INT: 4th Gen Broken Cup holder Fix
  7. INT :DIY leather spray dye
  8. INT: DIY unclog sunroof drainage hoses
  9. INT: 4th gen DIY auto shifter stop
  10. INT: 4th gen EDM/JDM courtesy light install/ Wiring Coming Soon!
  11. DIY: 5th Gen Shifter assembly replacement
  12. DIY: 5th gen custom gauge faces
  13. INT: Universal - Fiberglass Subwoofer Enclosure
  14. INT: 4th gen Shift boot refurbish (leather retuck)
  15. INT: 5th gen -aftermarket steering wheel installation (NRG innovations)
  16. INT: Universal -DIY Ghetto Mod- White Face Gauges
  17. INT: Universal -DIY Ghetto Mod - In dash tv from cheapo wally world tv
  18. INT: CF/blue center console 4g si
  19. Int: Shifter knob replacement
  20. DIY SECTION RULES............................................. .YES, YOU...CLICK HERE
  21. INT: Universal- Visor Upholstery
  22. INT: 4th Gen - Ignition Lock Cylinder Replace and Repin
  23. INT: DIY grip tape pedals
  24. INT:4th gen - How to Change Electroluminescent (EL) Guage Cluster Color
  25. INT: Door Sill Installation
  26. INT:5th gen Climate control removal/led conversion( the lazy version)
  27. help instaling short shifter bracket for a 5th gen lude
  28. INT: 4th Gen Gauge Cluster Repair/Removal
  29. INT: Universal- Illuminated "prelude" logo
  30. INT: 4th Gen Dash Removal
  31. INT: 5th gen (pos 4th?) Climate Control LED Conversion
  32. still havent been able to find door trim piece!
  33. INT: 5th gen - The FINAL LED Conversion Thread
  34. INT: unversal - Black Plasitc Hole repair
  35. INT:DIY- 5th Gen Suede Door Panels
  36. INT: Mounting voltmeter in 4th gen dash speaker cover
  37. INT: universal - Subwoofer Wiring Guide
  38. INT: 4th gen - fogs with a relay/OEM switch
  39. INT: 5th gen -Wire JDM Foglights with USDM Fog switch
  40. INT: how to remove the speakers in the dash 4th gen
  41. INT: 4th gen -How to make your center console custom!
  42. INT: universal - ICE-How to make a fiberglass enclosure
  43. INT: 4th gen - Climate control LED conversion process (and write-up)
  44. INT: 5th Gen Sunroof/Cruise button color change
  45. INT: universalRemoving window tint
  46. INT: Dimmer switch relocation (5th gen)
  47. INT:Retrofit a Shift Boot into an automatic 5th Gen::
  48. INT: 4th gen - EM Racing Brace
  49. INT: Si Speed's 5th Gen Speaker Cover Mod
  50. INT: 5th gen - Putting Your Rearview Mirror Back On
  51. INT: 5th gen - How to change the color of a 5th gen's gauge cluster
  52. INT: 4th gen - Custom Interior
  53. INT: 4th gen -Remove Climate Control and Take It Apart
  54. INT:5th gen- 97-01 Clock Color Change
  55. INT: Color Change Fuel/Temp 4th gen
  56. INT: 3rd gen - How to Red-Out your gauge cluster
  57. INT - 5th gen - Cockpit Mod
  58. INT: 5th gen - Silver Gauge Bezels
  59. INT: universal - How to: More Power Sources
  60. INT: 4th gen - 94-96 Console Conversion
  61. INT:How to find the fog light switch harness in the 92-93 si
  62. INT: universal - DIY Window Tint
  63. INT: 5G Prelude Gas Strut Trunk Hinges Mod
  64. INT: 4th gen - Install Electro Luminescent (EL) Gauges
  65. INT: 5th gen - Tein Hood Dampers
  66. INT: 4th gen -DIY Installing a Short Shifter
  67. INT: 5th Gen 6.5" component speaker door install