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  1. DIY: 5th Gen - Sideskirt Removal and Installation
  2. EXT-Make Your Own Depos!
  3. EXT: Headlight Fading - Refinish/Paint *DIY*
  4. EXT: Removing 4th Gen Front BUMPER! + Headlight Removal!
  5. EXT: painting a front lip EASY and CHEAP
  6. EXT: Bumper Removal
  7. EXT: curb rash repair
  8. EXT: PlastiDip Mirrors
  9. EXT: 5th GEN: Fog light's as DRL'S
  10. EXT: Open up taillights
  11. DIY: Universal "Plasti Dip" your rims.
  12. EXT: 5th Gen - DIY install of DDM Tuning 35w Slim HID Conversion
  13. EXT: 4th Gen Dual Filament Mod
  14. EXT: 5th Gen V2 Fog Light Install WITH FACTORY PREWIRED HARNESS
  15. EXT: 5th gen eBay Lip Kit Installation
  16. EXT: Painting A Car
  17. How to replace back panels?
  18. EXT: 4th Gen Aftermarket Fog Lights DIY $40 or less
  19. DIY: BLACKED OUT Tail Lights. $15 *5th Gen/Universal*
  20. EXT: Universal Wheel Polishing
  22. EXT: 5th Gen V2 Replica Fog Light Install
  23. Ext: 4th gen jdm 1 piece headlight HID retrofit
  24. EXT: EDM rear foglight install 4th/5th gen
  25. EXT:5th Gen - plastic fading fix
  26. EXT: universal - RIM RESTORATION
  27. DIY SECTION RULES............................................. .YES, YOU...CLICK HERE
  28. EXT: 4th-Gen Moonroof Dis/Assembly
  29. EXT: 5th Gen Painting headlight housing
  30. EXT: 5th gen - Tail Light Gaskets (Lots of Pics!)
  31. EXT: Tailight tint
  32. EXT: 3rd gen - H4 Conversion Step by Step Guide
  33. EXT: universal - paint your car
  34. EXT: 5th gen - Repainting lower window trim
  35. hood risers?
  36. EXT: Custom Side Blinkers (body kit)
  37. EXT: 4th gen - OEM Accord Rear Lip
  38. EXT; Tinting Third Brake Light
  39. Removing 'PRELUDE' stickers off of back bumper.
  40. EXT: 5th gen - Install your wwrs lip kit
  41. EXT: 4th gen -Redneck Side Mirror Re-attachment
  42. EXT: 5th gen- D.I.Y how to smoke your tail lights
  43. EXT: universal -Front License plate DIY
  44. EXT: 5th gen JDM Foglight Install
  45. EXT: 5th Gen Side Markers That Blink (Fender Lights)
  46. EXT: How To fix 5th gen "winged" door handles (PICS)
  47. EXT: 5th gen -How to Retrofit yellow capsule's into JDM foglights
  48. EXT: 5th Gen DIY Cleared Out Tail Lights (Amber Removal)
  49. EXT: universal - DIY- clean up black lips/sideskirts
  50. EXT: 5th Gen Window Trim Replacement
  51. EXT: 5th gen tail dissassembly/tinting lower half
  52. EXT: - universal -Si Speed's Guide to Wheel Painting
  53. EXT: Universal - Anti-Tailgating
  54. EXT: universal - Si Speed's Guide To Wheel Curb Rash Repair
  55. EXT: 4th gen -Delete amber off taillights
  56. EXT: 4th gen - Make your own 2-Piece Black housing Headlights
  57. EXT: universal -Painting your calipers
  58. EXT: 4thgen - 93[BB4]Prelude's 4th Gen Tailight mod
  59. EXT: 4th gen Prelude/Honda magnetic logos
  60. EXT: 4th Gen. Accord Coupe Sides on a 4th Gen. Lude
  61. EXT:universal- How to paint your wheels
  62. EXT: 5th gen - Repainting Side Skirts
  63. EXT: universal - Diy Led And Interior Neon
  64. EXT: 4th gen - DIY projector Headlight
  65. EXT: 4th gen - Si Speed's 4th gen Tail Light Mod
  66. EXT: 4th gen - DIY Retrofitting JDM Power Folding Mirrors
  67. EXT: universal - DIY Jdm Plate
  68. EXT: 4th gen - DIY Ruby Red Tails
  69. EXT: 4th gen -DIY Making a 9005/9006 to H1/H4 adapter
  70. EXT: universal - DIY Painting Side Skirts......Any Honda
  71. EXT: universal - DIY Painting Door Handles...Any Honda