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  1. Possible ignition switch problem
  2. *HELP* The EVIL H22a4 to H23a VTEC swap
  3. Where do I plug in my engine scanner?
  4. Oem Parts
  5. Rear Sway Bar Links
  6. What color should I paint my car?
  7. lip clips/bolts
  8. Should i be concerned about this water leak
  9. What is this?
  10. Driver side handle question
  11. Anyone got 3rd gen yellow capsules?
  12. Hazard Button
  13. rpm won't go past 7k
  14. Gunk and a bit of oil in air intake
  15. Lost Key
  16. 1998 highbeams
  17. HELP PLS 98 Prelude Lower Front Ball joint retaining Ring
  18. 5th Gen Spoiler
  19. what is this plug for?
  20. 97 Lude - Sold her,unsed oem parts for sale
  21. Build up Euro-R head
  22. Brakes
  23. Newb build thread
  24. engine cap bolts/trunk grommet clips
  25. Sequential Shifter
  26. Metallic rattle only at certain speeds
  27. good buy or not?
  28. Prelude on a 205/45/16 (pic request)
  29. Removing e brake handle plastic chrome button
  30. I want to lower my prelude.
  31. : (
  32. infamous 5th gear/ Reverse Lock
  33. LF Price Check for Damage Done (totaled?)
  34. knocking sound when driving
  35. Tire/Rim Question
  36. spare tire question
  37. just made my first purchase for the lude!
  38. H22a4 Interference or Not?
  39. 98 prelude new owner.
  40. H22 knocking
  41. Buying A 5th Gen Prelude (Advise)
  42. Factory horn problem/question
  43. SRS/ABS woes
  44. KSport or Function & form?
  45. Noob tire question
  46. clutch problem
  47. harness help
  48. amp cooling help please!
  49. sz to the pz
  50. cv axle DIY?
  51. 01 Lude help!
  52. manual unlock doesn't unlock
  53. Vacuum hose not where its suppose to be
  54. Thoughts - short shifter
  55. Header & Greddy catback install pix
  56. Need a little help
  57. Misfires after an engine swap
  58. Paint touch up
  59. Just bought a prelude...check engine light came on after only 20 miles...?
  60. Cam box vent/breather removed.
  61. Just got my 99 prelude
  62. 1997 Honda Prelude TCM
  63. changing tie rods
  64. Valve cover gasket
  65. Mud Guards
  66. Anyone heard of these
  67. Bought a prelude today! (San Diego) Recommendations
  68. 92-01 Honda Prelude H22 T3/T4 Turbo Kit with Turbonetics Turbo Charger
  69. Cooling fan... help soon please!
  70. Balance shaft seal retainer
  71. passenger door lock wont unlock from master switch on drivers side
  72. realistic whp to expect from the JDM Type-s ?
  73. Another aftermarket bumper or go back to OEM?
  74. Replace engine or rebuild it?
  75. H22A swap tranny possibilities
  76. Window sill questions!
  77. prelude down/flex pipe
  78. dilema please help anyone!?
  79. H22 Type-s M2U4 Gears into M2A4?
  80. Color for SH rims
  81. m2s4 h2a5????? help!
  82. non sh auto to manual.. need help
  83. problems about shifter cable
  84. battery issue?
  85. Body and "honda rust" question
  86. Took some new pix today
  87. Crankshaft Pulley is not spinning/belts shredded
  88. manual gearbox preventative maintenance
  89. Gotta love it when people back in to your car and drive off
  90. Worst day EVER!!!
  91. Coilovers... finally!
  92. my prelude needs new engine and tranny... any shop suggestions in fresno california
  93. Rust repair question
  94. Help needed....... brake pedal softer then soft
  95. Underdrive pulley Question
  96. HELP with F20B swap into 5th Gen Issues
  97. Anyone know what this is?
  98. Parts place
  99. M2Y4 Transmission
  100. A/C components???
  101. Jet V-Force Plus
  102. DEI header wrap
  103. Check Engine Light help.
  104. body parts
  105. Seperating the driverside transaxle from the intermed shaft?
  106. Need a source for Apexi WS2 or Thermal
  107. Engine smoking
  108. planning on buying my 2nd lude
  109. 4th gen wiring harness in a 5th gen?
  110. Rocker cover gasket ?
  111. dc headersi
  112. help with autobody repaint, pics included
  113. damage estimate?
  114. EGR problem
  115. Opinions on this prelude
  116. Potential new wheels. Question first.
  117. 98 trans slip? shudder to 3rd? help
  118. Ebay P1 front lip with stock base skirts/rear
  119. Seats, seats, seats.
  120. New Prelude Owner Before Pics Mod Ideas
  121. shifter threads???
  122. 5g Prelude H22a Distributor problems
  123. Prelude Mechanic Shop?
  124. Anyone have any opinions/experiences with these fogs *LINK*
  125. are hood pins for a cf hood optional or required
  126. ABS Light turns on if I go over 85 mph...
  127. Electron Pearl Blue 5th generation production numbers?
  128. replacing rad support
  129. Most annoying example
  130. Worse than terrible gas mileage
  131. Gas smell when turn on heater
  132. Grinding sound
  133. Pics of My 5th Gen Prelude
  134. anyone?
  135. My Gas Guzzling Prelude
  136. Just installed 3-row aluminum radiator *pix*
  137. question about 99 hub bolt
  138. Timing belt
  139. pictures of fuse diagrams interior for 5th gen.
  140. type S honda prelude seats
  141. HID fogs relay harness
  142. **deleted**
  143. New header/cat/exhaust question
  144. H22a4 Block, H22a head.. which head gasket?
  145. help with MAP sensor plug wiring
  146. Im new here. PICS as promised!!!
  148. I don't know what to do first. Suggestions?
  149. Kocking noise from inside dash!!??!!
  150. Tranny Going Bad?
  151. intake and exhaust valves?
  152. Leather Seats
  153. jumpy tachometer needle.
  154. New here- First Question
  155. Howwwdddyyyy
  156. For those who installed v2 fogs with aftermarket alarm
  157. 5th Gen Prelude Fog Light Wiring Question
  158. Help! What do I need for the Suspension?
  159. Engine swap
  160. SRS Light?
  161. new pads, new rotors but brake grinding sound, why?
  162. Proactive Maintinance
  163. '99 Auto; Rev Limiter at 6.5; No CELs; VTEC Works
  164. Break in Method for new motor. Any thoughts?
  165. 98 prelude headlight bulbs NOT H1?!?
  166. WILL IT FIT?
  167. Opinions on competition Clutches?
  168. Questions on Ebay Items.
  169. Leak While cars on
  170. Time for new shocks!! =D
  171. swap almost done stupid delay. help!!
  172. cleaned FITV & IACV; which way to turn idle screw?
  173. Prelude Check engine light
  174. RPM question
  175. Opinions on Haste aluminum radiator
  176. Engine revving in park
  177. Maintenance Light Help?
  178. Help on lowering springs/shocks
  179. New Body Kit And Paint
  180. New DDM Tuning HID writeup!
  181. Totalled
  182. 97 lude power window help!!!
  183. Curious 98 Stock Wheels
  184. led conversion question.. i know i know not another one...
  185. bb8 to bb6 climate control swap ... possible?
  186. help please
  187. Factory Horn question
  188. Engine power loss
  189. Opinions on flywheel
  190. h22a replacement of h22a4
  191. More money more problems
  192. Intermitten Engine problems? Help!
  193. my first 5th gen! mod questions
  194. Help me price my prelude w/ mods
  195. battery inquiry
  196. I need you opinion...
  197. Help on purchasing first prelude
  198. 5Th Gen Transmissions
  199. crank but no start!! engine coolent temp??
  200. 5th gen 4ws.
  201. Is there a guide for H22a4 to H23 vtec bluetop swap?
  202. Rust question...
  203. Hey PZ friends!! I need your help finding a motor!
  204. H22 to F20b swap
  205. missfire, and rough/ bouncing idle at start
  206. Signal Help
  207. Bosch Icon wiper blades bouncing..
  208. Type s intake
  209. Side door mini speakers hissing
  210. Old Catalytic Convertor Value
  211. tighten headlights?
  212. Bad TO Bearing?
  213. Help choosing headlights
  214. One thing after another.
  215. About to change my oil; adding seafoam
  216. Finally installed my ignition upgrade PIX*
  217. about to buy this lude, what do you guys think?
  218. odd confusing misfire confusing me and techs
  219. Low voltage on alternator causing hesitation?
  220. dealership vs good friend mechanic
  221. Electrical Question
  222. 2001 Prelude Type SH
  223. Knocking Sound (NEED HELP!)
  224. About to throw in the towel
  225. car jerks when starting in 1st
  226. tight turn
  227. Throw in your advice Please?
  229. foglight issue
  230. What is the dirrerence between the Autmatic and 5speed F.I.T. valves?
  231. My 99 Prelude
  232. I found this..
  233. prelude engine swap
  234. Need help. Is this a distributor problem?
  236. Want to build an N/A h22a4
  237. New to Forum, New to Prelude
  238. alternator belt
  239. Not Starting
  240. Opinions on hood bonnet and price.
  242. Progress at last!
  243. Opinions on 2000 prelude
  244. In need for Front Speaker Upgrade
  245. Fog lamp switch bad?
  246. Pics of the lude I hopefully getting this week!
  247. Clutch hydraulics problem?
  249. engine question.
  250. Seatbelts question
  251. new to preludes and vtec in general
  253. 1994 honda CEL on after timing belt change
  254. SH vs Type S
  255. To Lude or not to Lude?
  256. Clicking While Driving
  257. Found a BB6 for sale
  258. ATF in Engine Oil??
  259. Help on purchasing 1998 prelude
  260. H22a or H23
  261. Need help about new motor
  262. Bumper Side Marker ?
  263. Got my exhaust gasket; what to expect/do.
  264. Need Help Please
  265. Finally got tints on
  266. CEL knock sensor problem
  267. Cannot find 2-p connector for CEL diagnostic
  268. 5th Gen What headlights should I get???
  269. thinking of buying 5th gen
  270. rear suspension problems
  271. 5th Gen Make Over
  272. f20b sir-t tranny identification
  273. Why is my car misfiring?
  274. 5th gen Stock rims.
  275. Exhaust help?
  276. Motor Oil
  277. Found website where to buy eyelids
  278. these headlights??
  279. Just bought a 5th gen and already a problem
  280. i have a random question (imagine that!)
  281. Inconsistent Spark
  282. ramhorn headers? keeping p/s a/c
  283. Brake caliper painting--good times
  284. a little smoke
  285. Is this what i need to replace it with. Im kinda confused.
  286. General swap information needed..
  287. Hearing and feeling a "tug" when accelerating.
  288. Urgent manual tensioner question
  289. Question about climate control.
  290. Possible damage i could of caused my engine and tranny
  291. Newbie Suggestions ???
  292. Oil pump failed... but not completely.
  293. Searching for a part
  294. Oil light
  295. suspension question
  296. Timing belt question.
  297. The Lude from HELL (Door Latch, Speakers, Oil Leak, Engine Whine etc)
  298. Ok, have to ask some dumb questions.
  299. newbie wants to say hello and ask what to first
  300. My lude needs prelude zone's help....
  301. Weird clicking sound from inside the dashboard??
  302. WANTED! Gauge cluster toshiba v-2 bulb
  303. New prelude owner what to do what to do
  307. Best way to replace engine.
  308. 5th gen 5-speed clutch... Issues
  309. spun bearing on the h22a4
  310. OKAY SOOO...
  311. Wanting to slam my 5th gen prelude any suggestions?
  312. DDM hid questions for the gurus..
  313. Buying an Exhaust, what to get?
  314. Sad Story...
  315. SH transmission swap questions
  316. HID projector issues
  317. LED convertion ?
  318. hit and run
  319. Headlight Wiring issues?
  320. H23a swap and having couple problems help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  321. How low can you go?
  322. Clutch looses/regains pressure while driving
  323. Today's task: Clean EGR Ports
  324. Brake Life
  325. Opinions on the MSD-6AL ignition
  326. looking to buy an engine
  327. Cold start surging idle issue...again
  329. 1998 prelude sell or not?
  330. New tire is rubbing against inside fender.. help?
  331. piece of ****
  332. Quick Tech Help Please
  333. Shocks & Struts recommended
  334. 5th Gen Cluster Lighting Problem
  335. What tires are you running?
  336. Total Failure
  337. 5th gear is basically gone
  338. 5th gen s2k wheel install issues
  339. Grinding sound
  340. ABS light came on, then shortly after no Climate Control or fog???
  341. Uknown Plug
  342. Transmission Help Need
  343. More stuff to install!!!
  344. rough idle and hesitation
  345. Ring Gear
  346. My 1399,300,301,302 Misfire Culprit........
  347. Can I have an English fuse box picture please
  348. These related?
  349. Oil Spray?!?!
  350. Radiator overflow relocation fix!
  351. Flushed radiator, yay. Tried to clean EGR valve, boooo.
  353. Help - Rear License Plate Light - Need Pics
  354. Power Steering Pump??
  355. Engine help
  356. Best Body/Lip Kit Available for BB6
  357. difficulty finding extra set of rims/snow tires
  358. Cruise control linkage at gas pedal
  359. How do you install aftermarket tranny oil cooler on our auto ludes?
  360. What to do next with my prelude?!?!
  361. egr insufficient flow or ignition timing
  362. My new Lude Tell me if you see anything special
  363. 2001 honda prelude block heater?
  364. Help my lude 98, won't start in cold weather
  365. Probably a silly question.
  366. machine shop in norcal, bay area
  368. Shock strut setup
  369. Noticed a slight surge in CC.....
  370. Low Beam Woes :/
  371. Distributor Cap and Rotor - Does MFR Matter?
  372. Can you guys identify these bumpers?
  373. Ball joint sizes
  374. 97 Lude Type SH: Skunk2 intake manifold
  375. Bent Velve Stem
  376. Clanking sound during shifting?
  377. swaying while driving
  378. Front inner fender wells.
  379. My Lude revs and speeds by it self please help
  380. Clutch throw reversed, problem?
  381. Looking for RSX Type S Rims
  382. help with Slave Cylinder please!
  383. First snow IN CHICAGO
  384. Oil is leaking and burning off engine while driving.
  385. Stutters in acceleration
  386. FLASHING CEL, returns p0131 (o2 sensor), but no misfire codes?
  387. Stiff gas pedal....sometimes
  388. Is this head gasket good quality??
  389. Suggested Tune-Up Given My '01 SH's History
  390. Megan's EZ
  391. Leaking Oil
  392. My Prelude (Misfire) Diagnosis
  393. OBD problem! help!=[
  394. Pics as promised...
  395. oem front mugen sides and rear picture thread
  396. Matching Mugen foot rest piece?
  397. new member
  398. New exhaust for the Lude
  399. 5th Gen Car Manual
  400. Horn Relay?
  401. P1399 Code Help!
  402. The car will start sometimes, and other times it will crank, "cough" and NOT start.
  403. 5Th Gen Auto Prelude
  404. brake line & fitting sizes
  405. idle issue
  406. deleted my AC
  407. I need major help with my auto to manual swap
  408. ? about wheels
  409. idle bounces up when i press brake. please help!
  410. What is this??!!
  411. Tire Rubbing Back of fender.
  412. any body do the reacalls on your 5th gen
  413. transmission indentification
  414. Door Lock and Handle Problems
  415. V2 Fogs install and question...
  416. 5th gen suspension????
  417. '03 RSX Type S Wheels
  418. 5th gens
  419. knocking noise *Video included* please help
  420. I need an opinion on a particular car, please!
  421. In need of a passenger side mirror 97-01
  422. Found One I Want
  423. Manual Trans won't shift into any gear while running
  424. New owner of 99' Prelude
  425. About to shoot my car..a couple of times..
  426. 5th Gen Cat Back Exhaust
  427. H22a4
  428. Can someone tell me what this is?
  429. Error Code p0700 and p0780 on my 5th Gen Auto Tranny
  430. Severe coolant leak!!!
  431. mugen replica rear add ons for sale $60.00 plus shipping
  432. cv/axles
  433. SRS exhaust?
  434. Need help i brought some mugen rear valiance from extreme dimesion fitment sucks
  435. Coolant reservoir AFTER battery relocation
  436. Reverse gear wierdness...
  437. Questions on some Ebay items I want to buy.
  438. Throttle Wire Tension/Slack?
  439. Speeds at certain RPM and gears.
  440. More pics from the Type-S build
  441. Manual Transmission whirring noise
  442. New Project 97 Prelude Base.
  443. weird knocking noise
  444. Partially burnt out lamp
  445. s2000 throttle body?
  446. Shes fixed! :D But now need a Bra.
  447. Euro Prelude
  448. Type-S Intake + Throttle Bodies
  449. JDM Swap
  450. Idle surging after timing belt
  451. Easy TailLight Bulb question, need a little help..
  452. Ever see a crankshaft pulley fail like this?
  453. Newbie question regarding misfires...
  454. Exhaust nightmare!
  455. Help!!!! =(
  456. Car Charger
  457. Turn signal help.
  458. Hood Bra and Nose Mask
  459. My Car And My Mods To Come
  460. Need help. Is this a distributor problem?
  462. SH motor
  463. Hmmm..
  464. Prelude Mods
  465. Blown engine or not?
  466. CEL constant, then flashing at low RPM, High load.
  467. 97 SH odds and ends..
  468. 1998 car problems.
  469. What size are the grey gauge cluster bulbs?
  470. prelude engine question
  471. got my coilovers today
  472. SR20DET in 5G?
  473. Everyone, meet Betty
  474. Side Skirts and lip
  475. Pspec Short shifter install vs JTC short shifter install question
  476. I guess I need coilovers...
  477. Threw the ground controls on!
  478. Introduction
  479. Oil temp gauge issues
  480. Timing belt fun... (big picture warning)
  481. Vtec
  482. Problem--Need some advice...
  483. Car Not Starting.. CEL On
  484. winter start up
  485. If you could have the perfect Christmas...
  486. Vroom
  487. Good times droppin' the Lude
  488. Ecu/atts
  489. Oil Pressure Switch Replacement
  490. Sea foamed the prelude today
  491. prelude won't start!!!
  492. High Mileage!
  493. Thougts?:KYB AGX - Adjustable Struts for 97 Lude
  494. High compression reading. Head gasket?
  495. Problem with lights
  496. i want it !
  497. Water in trunk and speedo question
  498. Noo!! Car accident today =[[[
  499. DIY/Fuel cut off switch
  500. Need help lowering my car