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  1. What does this vacuum line goto?
  2. 99 SH Prelude but have base model engine
  3. Anyone have an SH motor wiring harnes
  4. Car Won't Shift Out of Park
  5. Car doesn't start.
  6. Can you put 6x8 speakers in the rear?
  7. 2007 s2k rims
  8. Polyurethane Ball joint
  9. Wheels questions.
  11. Type S questions.
  12. First Mod! Oh yea intake FTW
  13. someone help please, distributor help.
  14. Anyone use Wheel Adapters???
  15. Missfire after rebuild (long)
  17. Paint Job or Plasti Dip
  18. Front Lip Decision
  19. Need help finding specific parts.
  20. I need some help! 2000 'Lude.
  21. 98 Prelude won't shift
  22. 97 Honda prelude Distributor question
  23. what kind of rims are these?
  24. Distributor problem.
  25. JDM fog light issue
  26. Misfiring after high rpms
  27. How to turn fog lights on?
  28. Inner door handle (1998)
  29. Lurching after OBDI Swap
  30. need a head
  31. And the motor finally went.....
  32. (PART 2) Help with buying a prelude!!
  33. Keyless Entry Question
  34. Keyless Entry System Help!
  35. 5th gen Hondata Map
  36. Coolant leak from the back of the engine
  37. Need to Replace Hood and Trunk!
  38. JRSC for my SH
  39. 5th Gen Downpipe - Model Differences?
  40. Need Advice
  41. 2001 Prelude lurches, check engine codes P0133 and P0153
  42. SiR S-Spec
  43. vtec makes motor lag. Why?
  44. Near pefect prelude for sale very far away. Will this be worth the trip?
  45. Help with buying a 5th Gen Prelude!!
  46. hahahahah
  47. On the verge of purchasing my first Prelude, NEED HELp
  48. TPS with OBD1
  49. Wheel weight = Seconds off Quarter???
  50. Water accumulating in trunk!
  51. just purchased and H23 vtec
  52. code 9 help!!
  53. starter trouble after clutch change
  54. ATTS Oil Pipe Question
  55. Red Top or Yellow Top
  56. Car wont start sometimes
  57. Emergency!!! Please Help 1997 Prelude stalling
  58. Need help with fender
  59. Headlight Housing Painted?
  60. Best Camber Kits
  61. Transmission HELP!
  62. Opinion....? (Tein)
  63. Wheels - Opinion - ESM-009R SL 16
  64. Any easy way to get a wheel mount off without the wheel?
  65. HID HELP
  66. Need Opinions WTB 5th gen ASAP
  67. Getting some fresh front suspension
  68. WWRS Lip or Body Kit
  69. very weird over heating problem
  70. Need Help Finding Central Locking
  71. Greddy Ti-C 4sale $250
  72. I hate asking this.. BUT
  73. h22a4 complete rebuild
  74. Have a noise coming from front driver side wheel... Need help
  75. Ports question.
  76. EDM rear fog light question
  77. 5th Gen project
  78. I am Confused
  79. Paint Job Ideas
  80. Can I ask a bit of a silly question about alarms and immobilizers.......
  81. Help - Tire Size / Wheel Recommendation
  82. BB6 LS1 Widebody Build
  83. Car won't start
  84. My car just switched it self off while i was driving..
  85. Newbie seeking help
  86. Question about new springs/struts
  87. Fog lights problem
  88. 2000 Prelude SC Fan and cluster issue
  89. ABS (DTC 53)
  90. Massive Oil Leak
  91. 1998 Honda Prelude - new ignition lock cylinder - won't start
  92. Problem after a JDM swap
  93. New 5th gener
  94. Air conditioning issues
  95. Annnd there goes my pay cheque!
  96. Substance around oil drain plug?
  97. No ATTS Light
  98. 5 speed swap Question
  99. Cleaning JDM Type S Seats
  100. Quick Question
  101. Help with Ricey Gauge Removal
  102. Deciding on new hood, fendors, and lip
  103. a/c problem with 98 bb6
  104. A/c Lines
  105. Going on a roadtrip
  106. Mugen headers for sale
  107. anyone with a jdm h22. crank seal question.
  108. anyone with a jdm h22. crank seal question.
  109. Power steering leak at cooler
  110. car wont start
  111. Whining noise with clutch pressed in
  112. Crazy mod guy is back...
  113. starter removal issue
  114. OBD Mounting Bracket (Ground) - E-Test facility cannot connect to OBD
  115. Avenger body kit and should I buy this car??
  116. front tow hook missing
  117. Help
  118. abs light on
  119. New Owner/start and run issues
  120. Pics request: 5th gens with intercoolers
  121. Another Prelude Down
  122. Satin Silver x2
  123. Best proven performance upgrade.
  124. Car turns over but won't start.
  125. New Owner - '99 SH, basic black - Intro
  126. New Prelude Owner!
  127. New 5 gen owner
  128. 5th gen with Eibach Sportsline?
  129. Exhaust completely clogged
  130. Confused
  131. Quick O2 sensor question for P0133
  132. Having a few issues with my 99 base Prelude.
  133. Where can I buy a molded carpet kit?
  134. 97 Prelude SH occasional blue smoke *detailed description*
  136. HELP!!!
  137. aftermarket parts
  138. Considering switching to Manual. Thoughts.
  139. Need help engine and oil light on when stalling
  140. ordered short shifter, ssboot and knob
  141. 1st gear grind!
  142. Looking to buy a Supercharger
  143. need some help ... beer isn't solving the problem
  144. 5th gen harmonic balancer/crank pulley
  145. how much...
  146. What code is this
  147. Sigh.. Burning smell after hard acceleration.. Felt like tires not getting traction..
  148. Mugen Side Skirts?
  149. Car dies when clutch is pressed in at idle.
  150. Is there really an "Official" wheel/tire/offset thread?
  151. What would cause a prelude to not be able to go over 60?
  152. Show off your wheel and tire setup
  153. D4 light flashing. Car wont shift.
  154. Trouble erasing ATTS codes
  155. Which coilovers should I choose?!?!
  156. Engine idle irregularity
  157. What do you guys think?
  158. I hate my exhaust.
  159. 97 prelude starting problem
  160. Need advice! To sell or not to sell.
  161. Ran into a BIG problem with my coilovers. Need help ASAP ...
  162. Cat conv eliminated and no CEL probs 01 Lude
  163. I have a 97 SH and am confused with installing springs...
  164. weird noise when accelerating sometimes
  165. plehelp! parking ligths wont work while wirring sidemarkers. tail ligth fuse blows
  166. 4 lug to 5 lug conversion?
  167. Overheating, Help!!!
  168. New prelude??
  169. Xowner of a prelude, NEW PRELUDE??
  170. looking to buy coil overs for my 1997 honda prelude type sh
  171. Need help skunk 2 exhaust!
  172. Climate Control LED modification
  173. Front Bumper side lights not working. help
  174. I made my purchase
  175. Choosing between 2 Preludes
  176. Weirdest Thing
  177. time for a new engine
  178. Installed Head Gasket /not running balancer belt
  179. What would you do?
  180. Is it worth becoming a mechanic?
  181. Drivers side door actuator
  182. Need input on paint job
  183. Deleting balancer shafts Belt, What T/B tensionor to go with?
  184. finished my project
  185. stock shocks with lowering springs?
  186. Heat shield removal, good or bad?
  187. JDM type sh h22 swap. question...
  188. Disabling aftermarket alarm
  189. Question about tire size
  190. 97-98 vs Honeycomb Grill Question...
  191. What's the best way to get my rims painted?
  192. New! Help please!
  193. Fog Light.
  194. Beat tires for my wheels?
  195. Need Some Racing Tips.
  196. New Here, Need help w H23 swap
  197. Rebuilding 98 h22a4 tips on removing block from car
  198. Weird smell when I punch it?
  199. vacuum line missing.
  200. 99 prelude tachometer delay and jump
  201. Need help with an Ecu/swap question.
  202. Clutch Pedal Vibration??
  203. type s engine
  204. Won't start
  205. My new Prelude -Build Thread
  206. h22a4 ECU
  207. Weird Leak
  208. NO VTEC:/
  209. Lude on it's last legs but soon to rise from the grave.
  210. Need help (Should I buy this Prelude)
  211. Your opinion on GC/Koni Yellows, or FF type 2 ect?
  212. Has anyone here ever tried this trick to remove dents??
  213. looking to buu coil overs!
  214. Wow I'm a piece of crap...98 SH...113k miles...never brake flushed...
  215. I need a picture of the KS on an SH
  216. PRELUDE DEATH help!!!
  217. Best Non-OEM Fogs Help
  218. New member with 2001 prelude
  219. Found the Holy Grail of ludes!
  220. Found this Prelude...
  221. What's the best drop height for a 1997 Prelude?
  222. Start of 5 speed swap
  223. h23 frank 40 to 80 roll sound.
  224. Need help with buying a piggy back!
  225. Whats your Fav Mod?
  227. 97 Prelude Base no start
  228. Turns but won't start
  229. Installed a new head unit and need some ideas..
  230. Red Type R Badges
  231. Koni Sports
  232. Going back to stock.....
  233. Help reviving my A/C
  234. turbo on a stock h22 in my 99 lude?
  235. just not right
  236. Kicker L7
  237. Bought my prelude back, 10 years later
  238. Big Time Maintenance Visit - Need Your Input
  240. Time to let go of Ye old Lude; need suggestions
  241. Seriously, what is this noise I'm hearing??
  242. speedometer gauge preblems
  243. I took my spoiler off and underneath it...
  244. Prelude needs some TLC...I need some advice
  245. stuck and need help!!!
  246. stuck and need help!!!
  247. How much should the spoiler off an SH go for?
  248. Bought a new head unit, but no idea how to wire this thing
  249. NYC tri-state area Tranny rebuild
  250. Fuel Gauge, RPM Gauge Problem
  251. Rust in Illinois
  252. Boot won't stay up on shift knob
  253. White Headlights
  254. Floor mat resto
  255. Smaller Muffler On Larger Piping (Thoughts?)
  256. "catching" feel in low gears
  257. GOT SOME POPPING on turns. Looked at my suspension, and Here's what I found:
  258. SH suspension
  259. header
  260. Time to get rid of the bisimoto header!!
  261. Replacing the rear lower ball joints.
  262. DIY- Yellow Turn Signals
  263. Pick me some coilovers.. Stay around $800 please..
  264. Intake manifold
  265. Time to Rebuild my prelude. Got questions
  266. Where to start?
  267. So Im looking to upgrade my car stereo.
  268. 98 SH HELP!
  269. Where to put another amp?
  270. New speakers
  271. Swapping the 5spd ECU W/O red key
  272. Type SH Springs & Shocks Worth/Value?
  273. Wheel Alignment
  274. Annoying bonnet rubbing rattle
  275. scared Need some help :(
  276. CarID Headlights
  277. What sideskirts are these!!!!
  278. Catalytic Converter Gasket Help!
  279. Passenger window won't roll up...
  280. Can't get brake caliper back on
  281. Euro R Head on an H22a Block
  282. So, my girlfriend wants me to change my exhaust. It's too loud..
  283. rebuild questions and opinions
  284. 2000 Prelude died on me..
  285. Spring rates----Whats YOURS?!
  286. Stagg shocks on ebay for Preludes. Does anyone has experience with them?
  287. the good the bad the ugly...
  288. HID, one side not powering up
  289. 5th Gen sh h22a4 swap to H23 Vtec Trouble!
  290. Back to my Prelude, but have some problems again...
  291. Whining/Howling sound?
  292. Gunmetal SH wheels on silver Prelude
  293. slipping clutch when hot outside
  294. Going 3" on N/A for exhaust.
  295. H23 DOHC VTEC questions???
  296. Idling Issue
  297. Squeaking and grinding noise
  298. Type R lip?
  299. Looking for a place to buy
  300. Will after market headers fit a 1997 Prelude type-sh
  301. Help with my clutch pedal.
  302. Retrofit problems......
  303. Is a Tanabe Rear Sway bar any good?
  304. Prelude front and rear brake size specifications.
  305. Magnaflow #14815 5th Gen
  306. Burning way too much oil for comfort..
  307. I want to put these rims on my red 2000 prelude
  308. Vacuum noise under dash
  309. When To Set ATTS to Neutral
  310. -Prelude SH Article- Car and Driver: Best Car for 30,000
  311. 5th gen Rack and Pinion Difference SH and Base?? HELP!
  312. Quick releases
  313. Axle Seal Problem
  314. Strange problem with backfiring
  315. Starter relay wire?
  316. Carbon Fiber Dashboard Bezel
  317. Coilovers: KWvTeinvMegan? None of the above?
  318. Just bought a bunch of stuff!
  319. Could Honda service easily mistake ATTS for Manual Trans during fluid replacement
  320. Squeeling When Turning The Car On
  321. Its been a while but I want some advice.
  322. Where to order SH rear deck to replace 3rd brake light?
  323. Please Help!!! Inner Door Handle
  324. How much are a set of SH wheels worth?
  325. 1997 Represent
  326. New prelude
  327. horrible just horrible please input
  328. Ball Joints -___-
  329. H22a4 timing belt change issus
  330. Is The Stock OEM Muffler FAR MORE QUIET THAN My Skunk2 Exhaust W/SILENCER?
  331. New powder coated valve cover on.
  332. Finally drove my Prelude.
  333. 1st gear syncro
  334. VAFC 2 vs. Neo
  335. Keyless entry question
  336. Bad day
  337. IT'S ALL GONE!
  338. Post your shift knob
  339. Honda Prelude Leather Seats
  340. These look like SH wheels to you?
  341. Question about second set of bumper lights
  342. Are the base and SH wheels the same diameter?
  343. Some questions for a newb (one thread for your viewing pleasure)
  344. Leather stuff from Redline, Steering wheel too
  345. Timing?
  346. Got a camera mount w/ quick video
  347. vtec problem
  348. Car dies while driving with green key light blinking
  349. Honda Logo Mud Flaps?
  350. EGR port cleaning the second time
  351. Lug nuts for s2000 rims
  352. Burning oil like a mad man
  353. Which knock sensor would you recommend?
  354. Car audio question, 2 amps?
  355. Sand Down Caliper Here For 02-04 RSX Rims?
  356. fuel cut off switch
  357. Another Prelude Door Sill Question ***** read though****
  358. Replicating "Cricket" in the Engine Bay
  359. Will this o2 sensor work?
  360. Awful Powersteering noise after 5spd swap.
  361. Yes Another Tint Thread
  362. Gumout Regane / P0401 Coincidence?
  363. I have 09 Si rims on my car and have a bit of a problem...
  364. P0171 code, loosing power
  365. 1998 prelude Gas tank question
  366. Is this the knock sensor for the SH model?
  367. what type of lip is on this?
  368. What can be removed from the type sh?
  369. Engine light
  370. vacuum hose question
  371. Front right suspension/steering clunk
  372. How do you achieve this look??
  373. egr code p0401
  374. Electronics Issue?
  375. what would be best ecu for this set up.
  376. Battery? Die Hard vs the ignition coil?
  377. manual transmission oil additive
  378. 2000 sh tranny for sale
  379. 5th gen Horn Problem
  380. For Sale
  381. Help!! Turn signals won't work
  382. Lady crashed into me and BLAMED ME. (Looking for your advise)
  383. quick trans question
  384. VTEC Pressure Valve system malfunction...help?
  385. ATTS Problem, Engine Cutting Out
  386. Interior replacement or?
  387. With all the "rim painting" topics...
  388. Prelud spazzing out.
  389. Digital Climate Control Install
  390. Oil light blinking
  391. My brake upgrade list
  392. EGR Port Cleaning (What's under the original caps)
  393. Lower springs vs. Coil overs
  394. So, you're painting your rims?
  395. who has heard good things about these brakes?
  396. distribuitor wiring 98 prelude
  397. Strange clicking noise coming from the dash
  398. Ignition issue.
  399. Flywheel
  400. Intake problem
  401. OBD1 TO OBD2
  402. headers
  403. What exhaust system to run?
  404. Engine Bay Cleaning Safety || Vtec Solenoid Valve Filter/Gasket Grease Application
  405. Car turning over, but no start, strange problem
  406. Wiring interior LED strips HELP!!
  407. 5th Gen Tail Lights
  408. Need a new radiator
  409. clutch questions
  410. SR*S Exhaust
  411. Short Throw Help!!
  412. *HELP* Where does this headlight connector go!?
  413. Keyless entry on a 97 SH
  414. Another idle surge thread... Sorry guys.
  415. HELP!!!! What transmission is this?!? Please help!! :(
  416. Piston rod Question??
  417. ATTS Light just came on...
  418. Quick Question- Valve cover gasket washer
  419. Squeaking suspension?
  420. 97 Prelude Part Out
  421. Rim Restore
  422. What all can be removed
  423. OBD location 97 Base
  424. Need a little advice on an engine swap
  425. Need Help! Can I use this VSS??
  426. The first major mod for my stock SH...
  427. A few tips
  428. need help asap im lost!!!!
  429. HELP!!!! CV Axle Nightmare FUUUUU..
  430. Clutch Pedal Travel Distance. Pedal Extender?
  431. 5th gen Lower control arms???
  432. help
  433. What is this part?!
  434. My engine rebuild!!
  435. euro-r vs type-s ECU's
  436. 2000 Prelude clutch slave cylinder question
  437. Vtec solenoid
  438. Bogging at 70 mph+
  439. Any differences between 97-98 vs 01 shop manual?
  440. Sorry to post on this forum...
  441. Quick dumb question
  442. AEM v2 Vs Stock Noise Video
  443. auto to manual trany swap
  444. Problem with EGR Valve
  445. Gauge Cluster mod
  446. New to honda prelude, have some questions
  447. engine wiring harness ?? and block question for swap
  448. Tranny Price
  449. HALP!!! 97 Prelude Trans Issue
  450. 99 prelude burning/ leaking oil
  451. Did i get a good deal?
  453. ATTS Safety + Additional Questions
  454. unsual stering wheel problem
  455. Broken halfshaft
  456. Car Just Dies
  457. need lighting help
  458. keep h23a blue top or rebuild h22a
  459. so the trans is finally going what others can i use
  460. 5th Gen Tranny Help
  461. Look what I found!
  462. Advice on slim fans
  463. Wanna buy a modded car
  464. Engine tick/knock
  465. Consistent starting problems with '00
  466. Passenger seat rattle.
  467. 97 Prelude; Possible First Car? Help!
  468. Valve cover gasket kit.
  469. knock sensor questions
  470. Windshield...
  471. Door speakers
  472. Thinking about buying this 5th gen
  473. swap for same engine
  474. Wont start
  475. Can't decide on an exhaust, so..
  476. Selling 5fth Gen NEED HELP
  477. Who Has a H22A4 Crank
  478. need help
  479. New head or replace valve stem seals
  480. electrical fun - power mirrors have a life of their own!
  481. Xpel or lamin-x for retofit headlights
  482. Automatic Transmission Dilemma
  483. My Engine has a nasty tick!
  484. service manuals
  485. New intake
  486. need HELP with ongoing problem!!!!!!!
  487. depo headlight question
  488. Armo's 500$ Project
  489. Muffler Help!
  490. help with crank gear please
  491. S2K Cluster Conversion - Which Modifry ECT?
  492. I had a vision, C.D. prelude
  493. CHECK IT OUT!!
  494. help please headliggt problem
  495. cylinder hone
  496. Got my new powder coated valve cover
  497. knocking on acceleration??
  498. Finally Code Free! :D
  499. Custom LED blinker
  500. San Antonio, TX