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  1. 5 speed swap parts list help.
  2. Advice for noob please!
  3. Tuning
  4. need help with tuicking wires!
  5. 5th gen fog light fuse keeps breaking?
  6. Missing interior piece, need to know name
  7. where to get steal braided fuel line kits?
  8. Tips on buying a 5th gen
  9. help no fuel after swap!
  10. If I ever needed help now is the time
  11. Stupid missfires! again~!
  12. I <3 NGK
  13. Wind Sound in Cabin - Driver's Side
  14. Will I lose much power with a 3" catback exhaust, or should i get Less diameter?
  15. cam seal pita
  16. are these the right foglights?? help plz
  17. yay CEL
  18. What do i need to replace?? Smog questions
  19. H22 Timing Belt Autotensioner Noise
  20. Alarm?
  21. Leak... need help... water everywhere
  22. thermostat location?
  23. Can No One Help!?
  24. Dsm DSM 450's with 75 shot (dry) on stock internals?
  25. I need a pic of the cd player pig Tail
  26. What should I look for when shopping for a Prelude?
  27. duplicolor vs vht which is best?
  28. Silver Honda Prelude
  29. Need Help On Header Decision!!!!!!
  30. Another Type R shiftboot question
  31. Code Scanning for Hondata s300 OBD1
  32. bulb sizes for dash,cliamte control,and sunroof button
  33. Future Plans for the SiR.. with tizax return
  34. anyone seen this..?
  35. Winter warm up?
  36. income tax money need opinions please :)
  37. radiator cap help
  38. eBay Fog light help
  39. Rear brakes are shot, need help with the cables please
  40. temperature gauge help
  41. K20A Type R in a 5th gen
  42. Burning smell, oil? new gasket?
  43. need help with gauge needle calibration!
  44. Belt noise help
  45. Looking for tail light covers
  46. recent accident need some opions on fixing it up
  47. EBP pinstripe color?
  48. 5speed swap for My Prelude Ques???
  49. How much km/miles do you get per tank?
  50. Bad Vibrations when accelerating
  51. Sway Bar questions
  52. Quick question on ECU's (hacking auto to manual)
  53. type s intake
  54. The big freeze
  56. looking for lip kit for 5th gen prelude
  57. Pittmans Deoxidizer
  58. Bumper lenses bulb size...
  59. Upgrades On 1997 Honda Prelude
  60. shift rpms.
  61. just bought a 97 prelude !!
  62. Fuel Level OHMS
  63. Pics of new HID's installed
  64. front park lights
  65. mugen style front lip
  66. Need Help! Cluster light all gone!
  67. help with dead prelude
  68. Depo's Projector
  69. good o2 sensors
  70. jdm cluster looks like a christmas tree
  71. which greddy exhaust?
  72. radiator bleed, radiators wont come on.
  73. jdm obd1 injectors in obd2
  74. Oil Consumption Help
  75. valve clearances.. DO THEM!
  76. motor mounts help please
  77. recommendation on oil gunk remover
  78. Might go look at a Prelude Tomorrow, how much is it worth
  79. Broke The lude Today.
  80. spark plugs seized
  81. lug conversion
  82. Koni yellows or?
  83. Painted my stockies gold on blue lude :)
  84. oil light...
  85. Looking at a 2000 Prelude..Need some info
  86. Type R shiftboot
  87. help on quarter glass
  88. brake opinion.
  89. Deleting amber on tails...
  90. Coolant Flush??
  91. ttc sensor
  92. car likes to make sure im awake -.-
  93. few questions about my new intake
  94. head removal, intake manifold.
  95. Spark plug defoulers/Wayne blocks
  96. new 98 prelude SiR
  97. 5th gen prelude steering pump
  98. Timing belt replacement, anything else?
  99. Changing gauge lights
  100. Electrical Issues, or not?
  101. Car stalled
  102. oil pressure level what should it be at???
  103. Power Locks Acting Weird
  104. Removal of mud flaps. Are they essential?
  105. 5th gen short throw.
  106. h22a head questions
  107. Need help installing STOCK radio/cd player
  108. cel since sk2 manifold
  109. top dead center, open valves
  110. head swap, coolant drain
  111. Just bought a 5th gen, 1998
  112. service manual
  113. My Intake Idea
  114. dual exhaust idea?
  115. Leakd down test
  116. car hesitates when turning over
  117. Skunk2 spring fitment issues?
  118. s2000 parts swap on?
  119. Inside light problem...maybe?
  120. Wanted to buy Catalytic Converter
  121. 01 Base Model, 1st time honda owner
  122. oil catch problem
  123. Couple Questions!
  124. break help
  125. question abt cams
  126. Megan rear lower strut bar fit the 5th gen???
  127. Check Engine Light?! Help
  128. Cooper head gasket
  129. Head swap
  130. Clutch 'biting' point
  131. took my motor apart and.....
  132. Thieves
  133. Did some work on my Lude over the weekend :)
  134. 97 SH starting problems (weird)
  135. megan racing header??? pros? cons?
  136. Painting aluminum intake?
  137. Car turns off after start?
  138. Fuel Rail
  139. question about a new header
  140. My first 'Lood
  141. Worth it?
  142. Misfire cylinder #2
  143. Engine swap(sorry another thread)
  144. How I spent my Sunday...
  145. Need info on springs!
  146. h22a and h22a4?
  147. anyone done any sound proofing?
  148. install questions...
  149. Realizing how fast it all goes
  150. Uh-OH!
  151. Smog check issue
  152. Fixing the 5th gen wal-mart stupid driver extravaganza
  153. wtf is wrong
  154. SRS light is on - any common problems?
  155. to tint moon roof or not to tint moon roof..
  156. AEM SRI won't fit!!!
  157. clutch problem after driving
  158. What is wrong with my alignment? Any 5th gens with this issue??
  159. Help with main bearings
  160. Exhaust
  161. Replacement keys..
  162. Prelude custom gauge cluster?
  163. New Prelude.... problems
  164. auto-manual tensioner link
  165. Stock Air Intake
  166. Looking at a 'lude
  167. CEL at high speeds
  168. OEM trash bag?
  169. Fuel Consumption
  170. Retro Fitting different inner fenders?
  171. mysterious CEL
  172. Top speed problem(FIXED)(UPDATED)
  173. brake lamp AND spoiler brake light?
  174. RSX cluster into PRELUDE
  175. How many o2 sensors?
  176. Running lean
  177. LED TAIL LIGHTS!!!! WHAT!!!!
  178. The Real Deal??
  179. awkward clunk on takeoff
  180. Please help with clutch master cylinder swap
  181. Lip Kits
  182. AFC Neo Apex'i
  183. tokico hp quesion
  184. Universal Catalytic Converter
  185. 1st Gear strange noise
  186. lowering info
  187. need help on squeking noice in my prelude
  188. Stock fog lights?
  189. Need Help Quick!
  190. getting a little more power need advice
  191. Ice + Speed = A bad day...
  192. 5th gear scratching
  193. Looking for ft honeycomb grille 99-01
  194. Koni's vs. Tein's
  195. Slight grind going into 5th, short shifter?
  196. no fifth gear or reverse
  197. Strange suspension clunk ...help plz..
  198. Door Popper info?
  199. For all you 5th gen'ers
  200. help please
  201. Pictures of V2 intake installed in engine bay?
  202. Pros and Cons of Owning a 5th Gen
  203. Could the owner of the blue honda come to the service desk
  204. Custom hood
  205. Removing Stickers?
  206. removing Hondabond from threads and holes, insight
  207. Finally got my 99 lude on here!!
  208. I searched! Still no answer :(
  209. What do i do next?!?!
  210. Gauges
  211. H1 bulbs
  212. headlight problems.....
  213. SMSP Header
  214. Where can I buy the pin(terminal) inside the engine wiring harness connector?
  215. tie bar
  216. Enjoying my new exhuast
  217. gahhhh cruise control help
  218. Gaskets
  219. 5th gen lude, should I use the tip tronic?
  220. 5th gen rear seat wet+sub=bad?
  222. lots of water comming from under the car
  223. Manually popping hood latch
  224. Stalling problems
  225. possible power steering help?????
  226. Yay my lude's a 5spd now!!
  227. Site about recalls defects?
  228. new here!
  229. I need a.... radiator
  230. wheel spacers?
  231. ? about tuning
  232. having a problem with my altantor
  233. Will it Fit a 5Th Gen!!??(whale penis)
  234. I need your opinion on these rims
  235. Painting stock rims? What colour is good for blue lude?
  236. 99 civic strout on a prelude 98?
  237. Auto>Manual conversion: 1 driveshaft not going in.
  238. nothing is helping
  239. painted my stock rims
  240. How to test the ECU?
  241. RIMS????
  242. Bracing clutch pedal (auto>manual conversion)
  243. Need your oppinion on a few things.
  244. Transmission (5 speed) dipstick question?
  245. SH Stock rims painted black?
  246. K&N Typhoon intake
  247. prelude meet
  248. 5th Gen Parts Car
  249. Air Blower help
  250. plastic fender cover
  251. Chip.
  252. did some good stuff to my car tonight
  253. link to manual tensioner kit
  254. Funny Fuel Gauge
  255. Nokya Artic White bulbs
  256. Bi-Xenon relay harness question
  257. Vtec solenoid
  259. Headlight bulbs
  260. turbo
  261. stock intake w/ k&n cone
  262. rebuild question: block machining
  263. What Spoiler is this?
  264. My prelude tops out at 105
  265. rebuild or jdm h22
  266. 2001 prelude sh ecu question
  267. Pingo's photoshop idea thread!!
  269. Whats That Noise!?!?!?
  270. timing belt sliding off
  271. Parts that are a direct swap
  272. manual trans won't shift into 1st, 5th, and rev sometimes
  273. Type R Shift Boot! =D
  274. Recently bought a type SH deck lid w/ brake light Need some help
  275. The "Spotted Another 5th Gen Thread"
  276. Does anyone know where i can find this spoiler?
  277. Vtec badge
  278. Fuse Box Diagram
  279. My baby vs truck
  280. So how much mileage you get on a tank?
  281. Power Folding Mirrors question
  282. No reverse then grinds in park
  283. Oil dipstick question
  284. new clutch questions
  285. Vtec to loud and weak power
  286. i need help with header install.
  287. One thing you love on your car!
  288. Puffs alot of smoke
  289. Do I need Premium Fuel
  290. Break light (as in the little red light on your dash)
  291. are toe arms worth buying
  292. power steering questions
  293. oil leak after VC's
  294. Expensive Trip to the Stealership---Now There's a LEAK.
  295. Finnally sme pics of my LUDE :D
  296. Please help.....
  297. Top speed limiter
  298. iVTEC on H22???
  299. Water In spark plug
  300. last part of my suspension
  301. Opinion on headlights
  302. The Keyless Entry Lock Chirp
  303. Wanting to boost my car and i have no idea where to start
  304. self-locking nuts...
  305. Anyone know where to get BLACK LED TAIL LIGHTS?
  306. Anyone have pictures of a silver prelude with black tail lights?
  307. some vtech problems
  308. where are the grounding points?
  309. Volk te37's do these look gunmetal to you? Custom painted look green
  310. has anyone had issues with tein lowering springs?
  311. 10w-30 Penzoil
  312. 5th gen mud flaps for 4th gen?
  313. Have a Type-S engine....is there any way i can tune it?
  314. Need opinion. Chrome or black halo LED headlights on a silver prelude
  315. Is there anywhere that sells just headlight plastic covers. Headlights not clear
  316. Hood pins
  317. Tire Stretching.........
  318. Instrument Cluster Removal
  320. skunk2 intake manifold problems
  321. Front crossmember replacement. Anyone done this?
  322. Hmm.. Should I?
  323. oil pan liquid gasket DIY?? help
  324. Shift Boot Insight...
  325. Question about front grill
  326. My h23a blue top build
  327. ticking or exhuast leak
  328. 5th gen power folding mirrors help
  329. For those of you who've upgraded alternators..
  330. Smog Fail, 15mph fail,25mph GP
  331. Screw size for Dead Pedal?
  332. Door trigger
  333. 97 prelude what do you think
  334. the first IS rim on the 5th gen....lol
  335. H23A VTEC.. redline question
  336. H22 starter grinding on flywheel??
  337. 225/45R16 on Stock SH Wheels?
  338. Switch OBD1 to OBD2?
  339. Difference between.....
  340. gasket kit for my lude
  341. Cat back
  342. horrendous Lude for sale
  343. JDM Tranny
  344. SH VS Base Model
  345. Thinking Of Buying 99 Prelude
  346. New Clutch and Paint Advice??
  347. need opinon on wheels
  348. anyone doing an s2000 TB on our 5th gen?
  349. need help (paint)
  350. H1 10watts bulbs
  351. Prelude SH to Base Engine Swap Wiring Harness Help?
  352. 99Lude Problem
  353. Help....please
  354. 2001 transmission...sport shift works but auto does not
  355. 06-09 civic si vs prelude 5th gen
  356. car's rpm is high when i start the car
  357. Lost compression in Cyl 1
  358. Grinding when mirrors fold
  359. tuning questions for the SH's
  360. Making new keys for 97 Prelude
  361. Wheel spacers
  362. help with head light bulb
  363. BIG CLUTCH PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  364. P13 in H22A help.
  365. new shift knob!
  366. Bring it on Winter!
  367. oil pressure light.
  368. Trip A question
  369. wheel off set ?????
  370. Cant find after 30mins in the search, all I need to know is stock flywheel weight
  372. snowboard roof rack?
  373. vtec crossover issue
  374. Reverse issues
  375. LAST WEEK..... BLOWS!!!!
  376. CEL Problem! Help Please! Techs Please Read!
  377. 98 prelude wont start...... HELP!!
  378. 99 accord coupe hub assembly fitting a 01 base prelude???
  379. NEED help with 5th gen Pistons ASAP (Sorry)
  380. antifreeze/collant refill/bleed
  381. H23a in a 5th gen
  382. My lude got raped last night.....
  383. my prelude problem
  384. Door locks not working!!!
  385. Ebay clutches and fywheel
  386. Cat Converter
  387. need help h22a guru's
  388. Anyone want to trade there stock turns for my clear?
  389. Puffing Black
  390. Fuel Pump Kill switch.?
  391. squeaking noise
  392. Power folding mirrors.
  393. compression question
  394. Unlock boot remotely?
  395. What is the difference between a Type S and a Type SiR?
  396. CF Hood with Black Car
  397. What do you guys think is better for snow?
  398. Behind stock radio/store bought radio quick question.
  399. 5th gen mirrors
  400. can anyone get radio code
  401. Buying used h22 head!
  402. Anyone see that 99 Lude on Ebay Brand new? lol 25500 asking
  403. Finally Got a Pair of Foggies
  404. 1999 accord coupe exhaust fitting a 2001 prelude?
  405. Is this real or fake.. want to know before i buy..
  406. how hard does 5th gens pull ?
  407. Nighthawk Black vs. Flamenco Black?
  408. H23A blue top vtec???
  409. Skunk2 Camshafts
  410. ahhh jeez.
  411. SRS light is on.
  412. 5gen Overheating/Gear Box help please
  413. Best Website to get JDM Fogs?
  414. Major problem or something minor?
  415. Best place to buy a front lip for sh
  416. Vac Leak?
  417. Mugen shift knob on an auto will it fit?
  418. need serious help bad something is terribly wrong
  419. 4th gen pedals fit??
  420. i have an sh, can i swap engine?
  421. lug studs
  422. ACR Super Induction Box?
  423. Sweet 5th gen in SSO.
  424. Dont hate me for asking
  425. Question with 1997 Prelude rpm.
  426. H3 - h3c
  427. Camber kit
  428. Hi new 5th gen about to get built.
  429. Highbeam problems
  430. Suggestions PLEASE?
  431. moonroof visor?
  432. prelude front bumper question.
  433. Question
  434. Got a Small Oil Leak. I Think?
  435. Anyone know how to tighten the E Brake?
  436. battery tie down bar
  437. What motor setup are you using?
  438. Okay so...
  439. Prelude im looking at 1999
  440. Questions on Lowering my Lude
  441. Will a 4th gen CAI fit a 5th gen
  442. new tips on exhaust + muffler combo
  444. Smog?/sensors?. mega FAIL
  445. MIsfires
  446. Your guys are gonna love this.
  447. No High Beams...?
  448. Helllp, tranny went bye-bye
  449. Need help changing out low beams
  450. F20 to H22 swap?
  451. Retrofit!!!!!!
  452. Help removing moonroof
  453. Oil Pans
  454. Prelude SS engine whine noise
  455. check engine light
  456. Oil and Fuel System cleaner
  457. Maintenance Required on Cluster
  458. Where can I buy....
  459. My car finally got to the bodyshop
  460. which one head build or block build
  461. Headlight Alternatives?
  462. I bought a Lude, and I love it!
  463. JDM fogs to OEM fog switch
  464. WTB Rear Suspension Parts
  465. destroyed my motor mounts.....
  466. BB6??
  467. Prelude shift linkage question
  468. 15 inch aem cross drilled front rotors
  469. Just a quick question
  470. engine light, oil, stall
  471. Check Engine light! Something missing, if you can tell me what it is...
  472. idle question
  473. what should a p28 cost?
  474. where what happened to my timing Belt
  475. help!!! deck+dome+map lights turned dont work ALL OF A SUDDEN!
  476. Lowered eibach springs?
  477. Where is my power?
  478. HIT A F'N TREE
  479. Ground Wire For Amp
  480. 2.0 prelude
  481. Do coils for base model fit Type SH?
  482. rear sway bar endlink loose?
  483. Why am i not getting much whp?
  484. timing belt
  485. Brakes & Rotors ='(
  486. wierd noise after vtec
  487. The Engine is Done!!
  488. fuel mapping
  489. Help, my lude sounds like a diesel....
  490. exhaust systems
  491. Transmission mounting bracket.
  492. p0108
  493. no cat= smoke?
  494. LMA's, Lash or Rod/Bearing noise?!
  495. hi there
  496. Confused on style of bulb
  497. signal lights not working!!
  498. SRS light on and no speedometer lighting
  499. Finally bought lude, but quick question on sensors
  500. fog lights plus C.A.I