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  1. question about turbo on a h22
  2. Where to find body
  3. k20 6speed swap?
  4. whats my next step? need tuning help..
  5. So, CAI pipe bent...problem?
  6. fog light switch confusion
  7. Front end questions (body work)
  8. question about lip kits on ebay!!!!
  9. question about that old fake 6th gen prelude
  11. Best Choice?
  12. 5th Gen second 02 sensor...
  13. Automatic transmissions
  14. will a skunk 2 fit on a base if its made for sh
  15. timing belt noise
  16. Today was productive!
  17. 5th gen prelude rear speaker help
  18. Fidanza clutch
  19. Question on how to prevent car from being stolen..
  20. Center Caps for RSX Type s wheels?
  21. problem with throttle!!!!!HELP PLEASE
  22. questions about hid and relay harness
  23. Stock ecu?
  24. Fidanza 8lb Flywheel
  25. thinking about getting h23 tranny on h22a
  26. Problem with tranny swap
  27. auto tranny noise when in park
  28. Just did tranny/oil change..
  29. Radiator!!!
  30. A few questions on a rebuild.
  31. Clutch master flywheel
  32. automatic passenger window?
  33. bouncing idle when cold
  34. Color changing gauges(when vtec enables)
  35. what code is this! p0420
  36. Urgent help needed.
  37. H22a4 to h22a swap on an SH
  38. Whats this thing under the lip called?
  39. Can timing belt snap or shred or is off fry the ECU?
  40. Passing emissions with cam gears
  41. Quick question on high beam bulbs..
  42. Timing belt issue fried my ecu
  43. OMFG
  44. Gas Tank
  45. window rail channel fix
  46. prelude wood ramps
  47. Aftermarket projector/halo headlights - worth the money ?
  48. Top Speed?
  49. Thoughts on this spoiler..
  50. 5th gear grind, infamous?
  51. engine knocking noise
  52. question about k sport suspenssion
  53. So my transmission went out..
  54. grounding
  55. What code is this
  56. Gas, regular, plus, premium?
  57. hey guys need some help!
  58. Severe Spring Noise
  59. accel/decel problem 99 lude
  60. Check Engine Light Codes
  61. Heat shield
  62. Front seat removal
  63. Spark Advance?
  64. EGR Valve Question
  65. question about 5th gen 4ws
  66. Everybody!!! PLEASE help out a fellow luder!!!
  67. Confused about jun cams
  68. A/F or wideband installation help!
  69. help, suspension issues.
  70. Apexi v-Afc vtec controller
  71. Oil Pan Gasket Tips
  72. Acura TL wheels?
  73. ATTS light on: codes 61 and 42
  74. Help! What do i do!?
  76. looking for help and parts
  77. Hesitation Problem. Fuel Press Reg????
  78. Base and SH control arms
  79. Climate control.
  80. Which exhaust baby?
  81. Exhaust setup
  82. can someone tell me how much these parts are worth?
  83. brake light help
  84. sh parts for sale!!!
  85. question about suspension
  86. SH question!
  87. Question about mugen rears.
  88. Vtec Kick in and not gaining power problem.
  89. WHat is this!
  90. Time is not on my side...help
  91. I gotta lude story for you.
  92. SiR HELP!!! please
  93. h22 swap h23 vtec? missing sensor?
  94. need the part # of rear quarter please
  95. hi guys!!!! want more horse power to my lude! dont know wat to do! need ur help!!!!!!
  96. Turbo Kit for my Prelude
  97. Turbo Kit for my Prelude
  98. Where Can I Find These?
  99. What is rs-1 tuning?
  100. Good buy?
  101. Newb.
  102. need help
  103. 5th gen. foglight help!
  104. Painting The Lude (Progession)
  105. skunk2 lowering
  106. removed my resonator, bad news
  107. TEETH!!!
  108. Taillight Upgrade
  109. Halo Opinions!!!!
  110. HFP wheels...idea
  111. what do u guys think?? prelude shell
  112. Finding a new engine...
  113. Auto Transmission Fluid Servicing
  114. Raising the 5th gen lude to glory, a disscussion
  115. Rim and Tire Question
  116. painted calipers + new lug nuts+ stickers
  117. tracking down oil leak
  118. tanny cooler/ supercharger
  119. ANOTHER clutch post? yep.
  120. Possible tuning problem?
  121. Recommend before supercharger
  122. Fuel Injector Cleaner?
  123. Change axles for manual swap?
  124. NEWWWW! need some help.
  125. need help asap with power steeing line
  126. Car hesitant..help
  127. Cover for fog lights?
  128. SRS Light Dosent Go Off
  129. need the middle cover?
  130. timing belt.... done.
  131. rear shockabsorber clunking noise
  132. LED Taillights V2
  133. want a new stereo and speackers for lude help
  134. My ac stinks
  136. thinking about a different horn
  137. Weird noise? Should I get it checked out?
  138. CODES P0700 AND P0720 .. HELP ME
  139. front end conversions
  140. tranny issues
  141. Tech Advice needed: Modifying Valve Cover with -12AN fittings, does this look right?
  142. Stupid wheel stud...
  143. need help finding a part
  144. Steering wheel question
  145. Buying 97 to 2001 Prelude
  146. How to install headlight bulbs.
  147. Jdm tiger japanese legit?
  148. Ebay intake?
  149. Hills/Curbs/Driveways?
  150. Authentic mugen bumper
  151. wheel nuts from HELL!!
  152. front sway bar endlinks
  153. Car is on life support. Replace engine or car?
  154. fluctuating idle and vtec all caused by me
  155. Quiet Exhaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. 97 prelude manual tensioner
  157. Anybody had experience with 17x7.5 rims with a 38mm offset?
  158. WTF ATTS!
  159. 1997 prelude h22
  160. 4WS wiring diagram
  161. Smokey......not the bear
  162. Seriously Considering..
  163. weird noise when in park and Neutral
  164. Timing belt, who's 100k+ with the original belt???
  165. im in need of some transmission advice
  166. 3 choices need help
  167. My Prelude Story
  168. rust on rea fender. cheap way of fixing??
  169. help:how to fix wwrs side skirt sag
  170. Idle RPM boucing from 1000-1400?? HELP!!
  171. Tube to or from engine is leaking
  172. where does your lude idle
  173. mantnence requird sign is orange help
  174. Dash Kit Opinion.
  175. starting issues
  176. Questions about replacing factory stereo head unit :p
  177. Will these wheels fit?
  178. DILEMMA: 5spd manual conversion or new auto transmission?
  179. Entry Level 5th Gen Mods.
  180. adjustable ball joint
  181. Headers changing exaust note.
  182. h23 vtec cranks but dont run
  183. oem lip kit
  184. *****HELP***** Tachometer ISSUES - Sputtering and Erratic Tachometer
  185. VTEC Solenoid
  186. ROOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help
  187. I need a little help.... lowering my lude.
  188. Found something for you 5th Genners
  189. #1 cylinder misfire
  191. Auto Zone or Dealer?????
  192. When should I change my timing belt?
  193. timing belt, sorry to ask
  194. NEED ADVICE on 17x7.5 with a +35mm offset with a 1.5 inch drop??
  195. lower ball joint
  196. Changing ignition?
  197. and the bad luck continues
  198. what type of upgrades should i use?
  199. Shift kit?
  200. prelude front pic i found
  201. Left Rear Wheel Bearing
  202. plug wires
  203. trying to order parts...
  204. AC making my car ride like a truck
  205. first 2 months of the honda world
  206. Starting up problem
  207. HELP! engine knocking
  208. roadtrip advice
  209. thinking bout new mod need feed back
  210. Won't start need to find it fast
  211. Steering wheel sideways....
  212. Wrecked... what to do now...
  213. auto tensioner to manual
  214. Need Tire Help
  215. DOne with bolt ons!
  216. h23 vtec eats belt
  217. need help
  218. where to buy rsx type s wheels
  219. Need help out of ideas
  221. Brand exhaust vs. Custom exhaust
  222. Searching On This Site
  223. jst need quick tip..
  224. o2 sensor spacer
  225. cluster problem!
  226. Car starts up funny...
  227. Fuel System Flush
  228. broken bolt on starter
  229. do you recommend it
  230. exhaust setup question.
  231. Questions I've searched for.
  232. average drop to a 5th gen?
  234. what size piping for my exhaust?
  235. help with cams and pistons
  236. Tighten Belt
  237. EXT: LED Taillights
  238. Searching for a thread
  239. HID watts n ballast
  240. Oil leak... where?
  241. window wont go down
  242. help please? (power locks)
  243. No VTEC Oil Pressure =(
  244. Can't decide Megan or DC header?
  245. what class is my 01 h22a?
  246. Help!!, A 1997 broken prelude for a bmw 325i?
  247. JDM strut tower bar installation
  248. building up the 5th gen (few things I couldn't quite find)
  250. What bulbs are on the headlights?
  251. transmission swap help
  252. pistons???? JE OR MAHLE?
  253. Leather Seats
  255. Ext Door Handle spring has sprung
  256. white smoke ( i know their have been posts about this)
  257. Details pertaining to OBD1
  258. Another new owner as of today haha
  259. Choosing a exhaust.
  260. Noob here, bought my first prelude today.
  261. Oil leak from timing belt cover?
  262. I replaced climate control and now..
  263. H23A Swap Help
  264. Rev Limiter, No Vtec
  265. Clutch Release Fork
  266. burn smell from new jdm h22a motor
  267. SH Front shocks
  268. 97 Base won't start.. Help please..
  269. EGR Port Plugs
  270. Electrical problem for a noob.
  271. Spark plug suggestions
  272. choosing a front lip..
  273. ACT clutch VTEC trouble
  274. to buy or not to buy? 97 lude
  275. New to the forum...Having trouble with exterior door handle.
  276. Throwing some wierd code
  277. Shifting Problem
  278. camber
  279. glow shift gauges (are they worth it)
  280. Who uses A'PEXi AFC-neo?
  281. Pre-Buy Questions: 2001 Prelude
  282. short shifter help/advice..Fidanza
  283. skunk2 intake manifold
  284. Header Specs
  285. need help engine removal
  286. Help with 98 SS Trans
  287. atts
  288. Someone's fault=my ludes success!! More pics to come! =)
  289. Where can I get fog lights for a 97-01 EXTREME prelude front bumper cover.pic attache
  290. passenger side window has very little power
  291. SS style Hood?
  292. Wierd Sound coming from Speaker
  293. Tanabe exhaust question
  294. Rear Suspension Knocking...
  295. Burning Rich
  296. Need new motor. Which one to get?
  297. What does this mean?
  298. help me name this exterior product!!!
  299. Cant find torque specs for this
  300. Prelude bb9 f20a4
  301. V6 swap?
  302. JDM Side Markers
  303. So for a type s swap
  304. Hard Miles
  305. coilovers vs springs shocks
  306. Dash lights dont work....
  307. RSX-S Wheels w HFP sticker
  308. What is this thing called? and where can i find it online?
  309. Carbon Fiber hood- Getting it recleared/painted?
  310. Conbimation Light Switch help!
  311. Which oil to use? 5W-30 or 10W-30?
  312. snapped shift linkage!!!!!!!!!!
  313. I bought a bad car! i got tricked! plz PZ, help!
  314. H22a head, F20b block
  315. Good price?
  316. Vtec kicks at 6000
  317. 5G prelude blown engine.... need advice
  318. Is my 5th gen auto trans dieing?
  319. A few questions about timing belt kits and slave cylinder problem
  320. should i?
  321. Front lip or halo type headlights?
  322. Type S Steerng wheel HELP!!
  323. Wats good people??? I need sum help...
  324. My 98 Won't start.
  325. Adjusting headlights
  326. bolt on valve cover wont come off. please help!
  327. koni yellows and eibach pro-kit?
  328. Old top gear
  329. main relay
  330. F20B into SH
  331. 5th gen: how to install HID on JDM foglights
  332. Need help whit JDM foglights install
  333. 8000 rpm
  334. Prelude SRS airbag
  335. Crank pulley has a slight wobble/belt noise
  336. still confused about h22a swap
  337. what do you like / dislike about your 'lude ?
  338. AEM Tru-Power Pulley for my Prelude
  340. What are some good shocks for a 5th gen lude
  341. ATTS problems
  342. EDFC problem
  343. any good turbo's for sale?
  344. Light Problems :[
  345. Front passenger seat problem!
  346. jdm oil pump
  347. possible lip kit fitments 5th gen lude
  348. Question about h22 header
  349. hole in firewall
  350. SH motor to regular h22 motor(usdm)
  351. taking apart the center console
  352. Injectors
  353. slave cylinder boot
  354. Please help with JDM parts
  355. Power steering fluid
  356. Can't get my 97 to start. Any suggestions ?
  357. Fog light bulbs
  358. suspention approval
  359. Engine stalling
  360. crank position sensor
  361. JDM side markers?
  362. shift boot question
  363. Any1 need some SH wheels??
  364. Need New Shifter Cable
  365. performance chips
  366. RHD Conversion
  367. sell or keep underglow kit
  368. None honda brand parts
  369. intake manifold for sh
  370. What kind of oil to put in an 01 prelude?
  371. Dist o-ring fixed but still leaking
  372. Inspection problem.
  373. Clutch and Flywheel Install
  375. should i go lower?
  376. New Member - Need advice/suggestions on exterior
  377. lowering springs for sh
  378. looking for ecu diagram
  379. My 5th gen lude (pictures included)!! tell me how it is
  380. Car running funky...
  381. fog switch bulb type?
  382. fog lamp installation problem
  383. adding more power
  384. lowering springs?
  385. Need Feedback on P28 ECU CHIP !!!
  386. Auto Tranny display/side marker LEDs?
  387. What color should i paint it?
  388. My passion for my lude
  389. Car dying...
  390. Valve cover painted and headwork done
  391. Spark plug defouler question
  392. Aftermarket Tail Lights
  393. How do I remove the back window Exterior/Trim weather strip from 5 gen?
  394. Need help or pointers..
  395. 5th gen PRELUDE emblem on rear bumper.
  396. JTC Customs 5th gen Short Shifter
  397. Janspeed Exhaust
  398. Fog light question
  399. My 2001 SH
  400. led dome light conversion
  401. Cheaper to rebuild or sell an rebuy
  402. Bad idea to turbo?
  403. Is this lip kit a good deal?
  404. Introduction
  405. Please help with burning oil :(
  406. Swap or Rebuild for a new guy
  407. After the foggies My front lip
  408. toreque converter bolts
  409. 5th Gen Ecu upgrade questions
  410. keyless entry
  411. The last 5th gen mile per gallon (MPG) fuel efficiency mileage thread
  412. springs, retainers, cams, anything else?
  413. Throttle Body Spacer
  414. Rev Limiter
  415. Oil seals, water pump, TSB's etc. A bunch of questions.
  416. CEL misfire codes gettin on my nerves
  417. Sunroof/Cruise Control Facia Removal
  418. 4 pin or 5 pin or both relays for JDM fogs?
  419. Planning a build - have some ?'s
  420. interior electrical problems :frown:
  421. alright what's with the 5 gen compression belt?
  422. Just bought a 97 and have few ?'s
  423. white prelude+rain guards? yes or no?
  424. After market directional replacement ideas
  425. NGK V Power Spark plugs
  426. new motor help
  427. stock eclipse exhaust
  428. If I Gave You $2500 and a 2001 Prelude What would you do?
  429. I'm thinking about building a Prelude
  430. Looking for a rear bumper cover.
  431. ABS light came on after getting car tinted. Help
  432. Humming noise. Hoping one of you may know the source.
  433. Need some opinions guys
  434. Finally Selling
  435. Whats the deal with this front?
  436. My Honda Immobilizer is playing up
  437. h23 si-r engine help
  438. gasket kits
  439. Euro R motor swap
  440. Where can I find a pair of SMOKED WeatherTech rain guards?
  441. Probably more cons than pros, but want to know what you guys think....
  442. Hard to shift to 1st 3rd and 5th
  443. Loosing coolant, need advice please
  444. Type S/S-Spec (JDM)
  445. Are these legit?
  446. intake manifold
  447. Fuse Box
  448. Need an expert! will pay
  449. Clear or yellow fogs?
  450. h22a prelude 98
  451. Is it possible?
  452. Sh tranny questions
  453. picking a engine help pls
  454. Radiator fans not working?
  455. Questions on supercharger and looking for one
  456. Help with RSX seats in 5th Gen?
  457. Need help before I buy!
  458. Prelude Wheel Question
  459. looking to change my back bumper lettering
  460. quick axle help please
  461. removing the head
  462. Taking the right path?
  463. Tuning
  464. Intake manifold gaskets
  465. LED Conversion
  466. depo headlights
  467. Timing belt questions...
  468. Pressing on Clutch causes car to die
  469. JDM Engine Depot? :help:
  470. So what holds a window to the window regulator?
  471. slow acceleration in first gear.
  472. Motor and Tranny swap questions.
  473. Removing Engine help!
  474. Prelude Vtir 1998, engine light on, D4 blinking, speedometer stays at 0. Need help.
  475. ATTS llight
  476. New springs
  477. Irregular neutral idle due to timing?
  478. Rear license plate question
  479. anyone know how to program a 98 key fab
  480. oil leak is F-ing with my life
  481. any tips for power gain where 2 start
  482. Universal Catalytic Converter
  483. type sh shock?
  484. The green key light flashes
  485. Maintenance Required
  486. timing belt replace parts
  487. 1998 Prelude 67k miles $6000.00
  488. Worth an auto tranny rebuild?
  489. prelude timing belt and ATTS
  490. fog lights
  491. prelude with gunmetal rims
  492. 5th gen.. does any one want to purchase a rebuilt auto tranny or parts
  493. Manual Trans wont go into gear!!!! HELP!
  494. weird noise???
  495. Tail Light Bulb Problem
  496. Can anyone help me pass inspection?! is it possible? how do you obd1 5th gens pass?
  497. Oil Catch Can
  498. Floor Mats
  499. Improving the handling
  500. Look what I just got!