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  1. White Smoke, H22A1 Compression Test
  2. Balancer shaft gear...exit stage left
  3. A/C WOES!
  4. Question about hondata
  5. For those with Ground Control sleeves, which are Front/Rear?
  6. Mugen Test Pipe On a 4th Gen h22a1.
  7. Question and opinions!
  8. 96 Prelude SI H23A1 wont start
  9. Man, need your opinion: Exhaust
  10. i got a problem with the key ignition
  11. what is this for
  12. I want to tune my ECU, where can I get it done?
  13. bestofjdm.com
  14. i have h3c bulbs in my fogs, can i put h3 HIDs
  15. Strut Assemblies
  16. need help, my car vibrate at high speed.
  17. motor cutting out durring acceleration? PLEASE HELP
  18. Intermittent Start Problem?
  19. Could my car be chipped
  20. Trouble Shooting engine FANS!
  21. looking for master bushing kit 88
  22. Service Light question
  23. do i need the front bumper reinforcment beam to install front bumper?
  24. Easiest way to find TDC?
  25. need help badly wheels shake bad
  26. Explicit Speed lower front strut bar - 4&5thgen
  27. Car cranks but wont turn over?!
  28. Rocker Arms
  29. Can't check oil level?
  30. 1989 Prelude Turns over but wont start
  31. SH DRIVER looks at oil filters for your VTEC engine
  32. RPM trouble
  33. window motor??
  34. help! p14 conversion problems
  35. JDM H4 Headlight diagram.
  36. running problems
  37. SH DRIVER on maintaining your air conditioner
  38. Clutch/ idle
  39. This Sucks. Nooo more lude driving. :(
  40. Not the last clutch problem thread
  41. A/C doesn't work
  42. A/C
  43. headlights wont come on, could use some help
  44. Quick Release Steering Wheel install?
  45. universal: firing order...prelude,civic,accord! H,F,B,C,D,J engines
  46. Wanting to install a new muffler
  47. Car overheats when ac is on
  48. Two Questions!
  50. JDM fogs... interior wiring issues
  51. HELP
  52. Spare tire removal, what in its place?
  53. Velocity Stack Effectiveness?
  54. car won't start
  55. 94 H23A1 engine issues! Need suggestions fast!
  56. vtec won't engage
  57. Anyone ever bought from oxygensensor123.com?
  58. cams or tb+intake mani?
  60. prelude wheels on a civic??
  61. Cleaning Rust out of a tank
  62. scared!!
  63. Prelude Idle Problem (Need Help Asap)
  64. flushmount riser??
  65. Flush mount risers?? Help plz
  66. My Sun visor
  67. 91 ignition keepin my key
  68. free tech help
  69. Tach and vtec probs
  70. TIRES: What You need to know
  71. 95 prelude bumper cover...
  72. I smell gasoline when I start my car?
  73. h22-h23
  74. how do i kno if my engine is a v tech
  75. Refrigerant?
  76. f20b swap into 94 lude
  77. automatic AC
  78. Spring much tighter than the rest...not liking the feel of it
  79. All idles problem and P0420 solved.
  80. '99 lude exhaust problem
  81. KYB AGX Shock or TOKICO HP SHOCKS"Blue"?
  82. Question about Rim
  83. Colors of stock Prelude SH
  84. ATTS What are the benefits?
  85. New Forum
  86. Opinions please?
  87. AWD civic featured in new honda tuning mag.
  88. Identify H22 Camshafts, Please Help
  89. idle adjustment
  90. 95 Prelude Parking Light Issue
  91. Quick question!!
  92. New Fuel Pump came messed up?
  93. Steering wheel
  94. Spoilerrr?
  95. Spoiler?
  96. need advice about the JDM Lowering Coilover Coil Springs from Ebay?
  97. Problems on top of more problems..
  98. i can't do without
  99. prom dresses
  100. Clutch Squeaking
  101. Which tires should I use for the front?
  102. Burning oil in odd patterns
  103. Fuel Upgrade Questions
  104. valve adjustment
  105. Headlight Conversion Possibility?
  106. First time tuning prelude-Advice please
  107. 91 Prelude Si Aletrnator Problem...Help!!!
  108. How low can I go on 18s?
  109. Another name for IAC Valve..? wtf
  110. Vtec sensor
  111. need some help
  112. Spark plug question
  113. 3 prong male for a 5 prong female?
  114. 98 Prelude I need Help!!!!
  115. H22 Vs H23 VTEC.
  116. EBC rotors and brake pads?
  117. F&F type 2 question
  118. Engine knock of death!
  119. Remote Fob
  120. Steering Rack.
  121. Summit "Sport Seats"
  122. I think I need help?
  123. What is a better start?
  124. no pressure in clutch lines
  125. need to change AXLE, where to buy?
  126. My car is hard to start, so I change the NGK spark plugs and wire. and still...
  127. Accord Transmission Q
  128. H23A VTEC swap shifting problem, CEL, FLASHING D4
  129. lowering
  130. Fact of Bull****?
  131. Chrome Valve Cover?
  132. Imortance of Warranty on a engine replacement
  133. ksport and f&f type 2 feedback pls
  134. coolant issues..
  135. Where to find b21a1 crank
  137. Bought a new toy and need help.
  138. autobox problem
  139. Metal Plating the Lude?
  140. Daily Driver Handling Suggestions
  141. Someone sell me some cheap parts
  142. NEED HELP Loud ticking sound
  143. Blowing the #12 fuse with ignition on
  144. hey guys i need help !! with my rims
  145. Starting after winter sleep
  146. Metallic plastic trim?
  147. I have a DC header with 2.5 Collector, should I change my cat to 2.5" too?
  148. F22a1 Sucks! I need more horsepower!!
  149. 97 h22a4 with h23 block
  150. high idle
  151. what car has a honda inline 5 cylinder
  152. are After Market Header, and Cat-Back gonna fit with the OEM CAT?
  153. Side Skirt
  154. Trunk Pan Replacement
  155. Ticking noise...
  156. I've been thinking lately...
  157. Bearings.. quick question??
  158. Cam Gear Swap Question
  159. Vtec Question
  160. ATTS light
  161. What's Your Prelude Story?
  162. Motor Problem
  163. 4th gen 2.2 si(non vtec) UCA on 5th gen prelude
  164. Oil Pump Noise! 5th Gen
  165. Opinions on Black Matte Vinyl Wrap for 5th gen Lude
  166. RSX type s seat...Yay or Nay?
  167. 98 SI, 22VA idle issue
  168. sofa king wee tod id
  169. Cleaning your engine bay
  170. H22A4 shifter cart? oh yeah, I just went there.
  171. CEL today makes someguy confused
  172. help me pick a new color!
  173. gettin my lude on the right path
  174. Shieking from engine bay
  175. Chrome vs Polish
  176. need help with h22a4
  177. 1991-b21a1
  178. 1992 honda prelude wont start please help!
  179. Has anyone try the CATCO CAT? (BB1 only)
  180. Rattle noise
  181. how much are these wheels worth?
  182. Alignment question
  183. New Prelude
  184. good valve cover gasket buy?
  185. SH bLOCK AND HEAD INTO A base?
  186. where can i find aftermarket Cat that fit 2.2L vtec?
  187. timing belt help
  188. Dilema
  189. CEL turned off?
  190. Wire Harness Problem
  191. Brake ware
  192. My 4Gen Prelude smell like gasoline.
  193. RWD Lude O_o
  194. Question about header wrap.
  195. Need Some Advice. Prelude Overheated
  196. Alright Tech Heads...help?
  197. No power to fuel pump . . . need help
  198. Low compression on a rebuild
  199. Radiator Question!
  200. Aftermarket Parts needed
  201. If you have aftermarket header, come here.
  202. gotta problem!
  203. first valve adjustment :)
  204. Where to get the one piece JDM headlight?
  205. new speakers
  206. Engine light on, after installed DC Header, Megan Downpipe and Apexi Exhaust.
  207. Megan Racing strut tower bars - knockoffs?
  208. Possible blown head gasket!?
  209. Replace parts before or after seafoam?
  210. EGR Block off the CORRECT way
  211. unknown bolt hole - H22
  212. whoa wait..did someone say bustr built???
  213. why HELLA ballast are expensive?
  214. anybody kno good shops in nyc area??
  215. plz help: shavings!
  216. A good shop in the VA Hampton Roads area
  217. New Life?
  218. Gasket Help
  219. Screeching noise when I take off?
  220. abs leaks from the cap??????
  221. Need Help! Big mistake cleaning EGR ports!
  222. Need advice on first prelude purchase
  223. Aftermarket Shops in tidewater viginia
  224. How to fix cracked bumper?
  225. engine knocking, mabey bent valves??
  226. 97 Lude needs ignition switch replacement
  227. Sc and Nc luders
  228. 1993 aws rear crossmember.
  229. Defroster light flashes
  230. someone......shift cable position?!!?
  231. h23a head
  232. Idle problem :(
  233. For those thinking about a K swap
  234. does this look right??
  235. Just got my fidanza flywheel
  236. shift cable
  237. stance section?
  238. Couple Problems
  239. starting problems??
  240. How do I switch to HID/Projectors?
  241. 2.0l gearbox
  242. Spark plug covers?
  243. water pump tips and hints??
  244. Automatic folding, heated mirrors?
  245. motor swap?
  246. Look normal to you?
  247. How can I quiet my exhaust?
  248. Looking for a shop in SoCal
  249. Balance of 4 cylinders
  250. H22a Swap Wont Start.
  251. eibach ground control question
  252. just finished engine swap and no spark??
  253. painting my intake
  254. steering wheel shaking
  255. alternator bearing replacement
  256. About to trash my car!!!!
  257. 93 prelude keeps killing ignition coils please help!!!
  258. Honda parts?
  259. How can I make my car faster?
  260. Honda prelude 91, alternator tension bolt
  261. Which LED bulbs
  262. Misfire at idle
  263. Atts and engine light
  264. Head Light Bulb Replacement
  265. Brake pads and rotors.....
  266. Rebile gone wrong
  267. I need some feedback on my situation
  268. upgrades!
  269. Tire Rotation
  270. Anyone EVER seen this??
  271. Tips for tuckingexhaust
  272. H22a swap
  273. car has new battery and no power at all.
  274. Twin Turbo Questions
  275. Radiator Hoses? Plug? Cracked head?
  276. Slight problem with engine
  277. Compression Q's
  278. Keep blowing foglight fuse
  279. Where can I find screws, bolts and spring clips for installing a lip kit?
  280. 4ws computer?
  281. Side back window!
  282. 1 quart left at oil change???
  283. Universal vs. Stock O2 Sensors
  284. Distributor question
  285. Fuel injectors help!
  286. Is it possible for V-tech to "move"?
  287. Oil Information
  288. need alloy locking key :(
  289. So my car randomly dies.......
  290. Car radomly shuts off?!
  291. Di Noc carbon fiber
  292. $6000 for a 2000 prelude?
  293. hey guys new to honda need help
  294. flywheel/ clutch kit combo
  295. sooo... my oil pressure is messed up ...
  296. gauge cluster and tailights went out!!!!
  297. Someone PLEASE check this for me!
  298. g23
  299. hondata S300
  300. need advice Rebuilding Motor
  301. need some help!!
  302. scared i did some damage to engine
  303. Cel and big surprise
  304. (5G)Poor baby...
  305. Fuel temp gauge out!!!
  306. ATTN central FL luders
  307. Immobilizer!!!!!
  308. Is this a good deal?
  309. air pump
  310. Dodge Dakota 2001 repair
  311. Prelude Problems
  312. speedometer stopped working check engine light came on
  313. Alarm suggestons????
  315. Suspension ideas?
  316. Overheating
  317. so i have made up my mind =P
  318. Help asap, smoke coming out of cluster?
  319. Interesting read, mo powa?
  320. Mazda RX7
  321. cant find a short throw shifter
  322. engine swap questoin.. need a little advice
  323. turbo manifold that fits a dsm turbo for my h22?
  324. what is this for?
  325. accelerator sticking
  326. Info on H2B swap?
  327. 97 prelude wont start!!!!
  328. 5th Gen projector casing, LED question
  329. Super Charger ?
  330. buying engines online
  331. Wheel brand options question
  332. Witch air filter is this?
  333. aftermarket lca's for 3rd gen??
  334. First Gear Problem
  335. swapping parts????
  336. Can't get threw firewall?!
  337. Vti-R redline
  338. will a d or b series turbo manifold fit an h22?
  339. wideband and cat
  340. Prelude-92-96 H22a1 and manual tranny transplant options
  341. injectors
  342. natural or boost my h22a?
  343. Seriously Free VIN Reports
  344. 79 Prelude needs rear struts
  345. 5th gen short shifter rubbing on console
  346. 2.3 to a F20 b-blue top, H22 v-tech, or a H23 v-tech
  347. dirty fuel injector
  348. Head Planning
  349. h22a swap quick question
  350. HELP please
  351. 94 lude si making noise and dont know why?
  352. EVG
  353. 92 prelude si 4ws help plz
  354. Catch can how does that work?
  355. adjusting nut on manual tensioner????
  356. HID headlight conversion
  357. 2011 Charger
  358. Got backed into by a truck :(
  359. DONT say Apexi...
  360. Water found in my trunk during the rain. HELP
  361. 1989 honda prelude s, 2.0 4cyl
  362. Catch Can?
  363. FINALLY :D
  364. H22-F20B Swap
  365. tranny swap
  366. H22 head on F22 block
  367. ignition upgrade
  368. cold start prblem. please help!
  369. RPM + Speedometer Gauge and car sputtered going 70mph! Help!!!
  370. Sputtering problem
  371. I have no idea.... anybody??
  372. Besides turbo
  373. 1989 2.0 si Tolerant?
  374. my car is making a weird noise
  375. Tips on refurbishing under the hood?
  376. Aftermarket cat causing bad o2 sensor?
  377. where can i find a nice bodykit that isnt over 700 dollars?
  378. Wheels Fitment.. Found perfect FITMENT
  379. would it hurt my h22 stock if i put a turbo on it?
  380. Been months! Forester to 5th gen?
  381. Car won't start most of the time and then quits after it has started
  382. Installing Billet Throttle Body On stock Intake Manifolds
  383. Squealing when I take off first gear?
  384. Misfires and oxygen sensor?
  385. Tuning with Crome
  386. Winter Storage Tips?
  387. Timing belt job w/ manual tensioner. Parts list
  388. is my car ready for boost?
  389. Advice on shocks, camber kit, coilovers? (pics)
  390. Is that my ABS?
  391. How do I choose the proper o2 sensor?
  392. JDM-online. com????
  393. Where can I buy screws for cheap?
  394. Sun Automobile products
  395. Cam gear tuning
  396. replacing rusty moon roof with stainless steel moon roof?
  397. Power steering problem
  398. Whats TBS and its Function
  399. Strut Bar difference /
  400. JTC Customs Holiday Sale
  401. Shocks and coilovers?
  402. Brembo Slotted Rotor Install.
  403. no vtec....=(
  404. Rather good info site for codes, TSBs, recalls
  405. tuning OBDII question
  407. is it my o2 sensor?
  408. h.g or cracked head?
  409. Whats a decent sounding exhaust??
  410. timing belt loose
  411. Will this head fit??
  412. intro AND some engine Swap questions
  413. Busted bolt, need suggestions.
  414. HELLLPPPP!!! Dropped a nut into cylinder head!!!!
  416. How do you install headers?
  417. wheel problem
  418. Not saticfied after installing VTEC(NEED HELP)
  419. intake making noise at 4000 rpm???
  420. smoke after EGR delete
  421. Need Help ASAP
  422. the imfamous idle surger plus more...
  423. vtec controller pros and cons?
  424. K&N Air Filter
  425. help
  426. Burning oil and transmission fluid
  427. who here watches top gear!!!
  428. BLOWN MOTOR NEED HELP!!!!!!!!
  430. ignition switch gone wrong
  431. Pssing me off! HELP!!
  432. h22 6 speed tranny?
  433. H22 Engine Weight
  434. battery help
  435. need help on a 97 prelude
  436. JDM engine import in orlando fl?
  437. Belt Dressing?
  438. What is Distributor Cap?
  439. 93 prelude 4ws idles hot
  440. How do I add coolant?
  441. What fuel filter would you recommend?
  442. Checklist for road trip?
  443. Please help quick Engine Won't start after tranny swap
  444. New HP/TQ figures
  445. Which clutch is better???
  446. CEL only comes on when I get on it
  447. Hubcentric rings
  448. Shift Cables making me frustrated
  449. Urgent! Time sensitive help needed! Clutch related problem, help?
  450. What are the fluids that need my lude needs?
  451. My 5-Speed won't shift into any gear at all?
  452. Gas gauge and temperature gauge not working!!
  453. Building custom off road vehicle with old F22 any suggestions?
  454. Why are my valves grey in 1 cylinder and black in the others?
  455. Lowest rpm's for VTEC???
  456. for all those with megan headers
  457. Whats your favorite/least favorit mod?
  458. 5th gen Vtec is being WIERD
  459. need a little help please!!!
  460. Universal Mufflers
  461. Joined the 200k Club
  462. overheating when headlights are on
  463. Dyno tuning shops in Los Angeles
  464. Got hit waiting for a redlight.
  465. 4ws
  466. Alarm System
  467. F22 tranny into a H23 engine question please read
  468. coolant leak and idle problem
  469. auto to manual
  471. Quick HID question...
  472. Shift Light
  473. help finding a harmonic balancer??
  474. Viper 5901 Manual Transmission
  475. Power door locks issue
  476. Weird problem after engine swap!
  477. Where are the drains?
  478. Power loss and lude uses LOTS of oil + gas?
  479. Seafoam final thoughts?
  480. Looking for a parts list!
  481. Prelude and Accord, the same??
  482. looking for a complete g22 write up
  483. F20a to F22b1 swap problem
  484. back lights go on/off
  485. Dead Prelude
  486. Question
  487. Whats up with all these S's?
  488. Strange Smoking Problem
  489. HiResP72ll rom for crome
  490. jdm motor swap extra wired
  491. Fuel question
  492. 4th gen engine and gearbox into 5th gen car
  493. suspension question
  494. high idle
  495. Transmission Advice
  496. debating on which hid kit
  497. Having fuel problems with 92 lude
  498. NO power, it's almost like it gags...
  499. When ordering tires online, do I order the valve stems from them or from the shop?
  500. Majestic Honda - I am not impressed.