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Mio Moov 200

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Old 02-19-2009, 10:01 PM
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Mio Moov 200

While it's not a car part, it is an accessory. A good one at that I might add! I just bought it for about $70.

From the store I sat in the parking lot and setup my home address. Worked flawlessly and actually found my house which surprised me ( i live on the outskirts of town ) I've heard about Garmin and TomTom not being able to find maps for a sub division in my area, so when I go up there I will post back as to if the GPS cut out or not.

The Mio Moov 200 Features Text to Speech which is a big plus(but most GPS systems do these days). The speaker is located on the back and is about an inch by inch big. The speaker is very good for it's size, loud and clear. Although I can't hear what it's saying over my system (which I doubt there's a GPS out there that you could) I can hear that it's saying something. It has a 3.5 inch screen ( i really wanted the 4.5 but was short on cash ) It's not too bad to work with, but I think that the wide screen would look better in the prelude (4th gen) because of the long dash.

The GPS comes ready right out of the box and comes with a stand/window hanger (also car charger, usb cable and computer install cd). It's up to you where you want to put it. I personally put mine on the windshield. 1. It looks better there and 2. It would have been in the way of the gas/thermostat gauges. One thing I do and don't like about the holder is that it comes with a sticky pad instead of a suction cup. I like it cuz you don't have to lick the damn suction cup (or wet it with water) I don't like it because you can't re position it as you see fit. (sticky pad would wear out eventually)

EDIT: UPDATE It navigates pretty good. Sometimes when you type something it will say the letter but not actually recognize it.
It repositions relatively fast and can find your location within a few seconds. Battery life is alright ( i don't know how long they're generally supposed to last ) But it comes with the cigarette lighter charger so that should never be an issue. This Mio Moov is really easy to "hack" "unlock" for those of you interested and once unlocked you can put other things on it including games. That would void your warranty though so beware. IT could come in hand though. Say you get stranded and are waiting for a tow truck...well lucky for you you unlocked your Mio and downloaded...Solitaire! lol there's other games too that's not the only one.

Mio Moov owners are also going to be receiving a map update this year (not too sure when) for free.
So far the only real bad thing about it is that it feels too plasticy.

I haven't got to play with it much so I'm gonna wrap up this post saying that it's a good buy and I'm gonna go play with my new toy for awhile.

Happy Luding.

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