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s. h. unit 6095

s. h. unit 6095
unit 6095 photos, the herd, the fallen 95, usdm production as per wiki and a pic of me taking a pic
mega shine project
Engine bay restore project: 
Kinked my back one day. So while that got back to normal parts got prepped. 
The junkyard car lead to many of these...
This dude was a huge boost in restore parts.. 
And general hoarding.
The white H mod...
10/14 S&SPOG line up... 
F: to R: 
'93s; 01base; 97SH; 91Si
Accord radio 'pocket' replaced the prelude 'slot'
Valve cover make-over... 
Part of the big engine bay restore project.
The new logo
Half shaft plate and new axle install.
Blacked out emblems n new plates, praise God
Checkered grip tape...homad 
Note; beat up 3g floor mats cover the oem ones.
Unit 6095 is baaaaaaaack!  
Round 2.
Elspectro taking ownership.
Prelude car cover. Hail resistant evolution cloth. Nice cover
Black and White accents almost done. Cluster bezel remains
What happens when you ask why not bring back the Prelude at a corparate meeting?  
You get tossed out of a window that's what
The other Honda in the herd. Flawless 2k with 70k. New stuff galore. Elspectro's brother's maiden voyage.
unit 6095 photo shoot
roadside mailbox
prelude productions
crashed 95... 
red light runner+blind intersection=totaled si 
the incident lead to unit 6095 find
the herd. in front of my dads house. 93 just arrived. just out of veiw was a wrecked 95 si that was camera shy 
can you spot the ford?
91 si; 97 s.h.; 93 base.. out of range, a crashed 95 si 
pencil sketch edit from a phone.
pencil sketch edit 
motor from the wrecked 95 si
1st day home 
rained all day. no can drive hot rod, dratz!

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