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Alarm install help

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Old 04-26-2015, 08:06 AM
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Alarm install help

Was curious is if anyone knows of a very and I mean VERY detailed guide to installing a alarm with remote start!? I cannot find anything like this for the 4th gen and I'm trying to do this myself because I one, don't have the funds for a professional to do it and want to save the money aswell, and two, because I have a ton of interior parts I want to put in but don't want it to be stolen at any point between it being installed and getting the alarm installed!

I have a 92 prelude and a Excalibur AL-1851-EDPB alarm system. If anyone would be willing to guide me through it via interwebz some how (Skype or something of that sort), or if in Colorado and wants to come install for good price and i can help, then I'd gladly appreciate it but doubt anyone wants to do that or lives in Colorado!

Any and all replies that are helpful will be much appreciated! Please no hateing just a fellow luder seeking advice! Thanks all :D
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Old 04-26-2015, 08:49 AM
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Re: Alarm install help

I hate it when people say "no hating".

First off, if you have a 5 speed remote start is not practical, nor possible without removing the safety switch. If you try to start it in gear, you may end up with your car lurching to places you'd rather not have your living room or against your neighbors car. And if you leave your e-brake on a lot, sooner or later those Honda calipers will begin sticking closed, unless you are obsessive keeping them tip top.

Now to brass tacks...
If you're really serious about having this car super secure, you'll need way more than some alarm. So before you go installing your system, do some reading on how to prevent your car from being burglarized. There are a host of tricks n tips you can do to cause theives to avoid your car.
What attracts a thief? Wheels, stickers, exhaust pipe tip, lip kits...stuff like that. And once they've decided that car is worth the effort, no alarm will stop the smash n grab guy or the pro.

So learn techniques to cause a thief to pass you by. State Farm says color of car matters, and that the #1 preventative measure is a cover.
I can attest to that.
One night I got hit by some smash n grab dude that went into 2 of my unlocked vehicles and took away anything worth $10 or more. preludes were covered and nothing was touched. Next night the sumbitch came back and broke glass with me about 20' away, with 3 very alert dogs near me.
He took stuff from my locked work truck and I didn't know until the next day. And only one of my dogs made the slightest growl.
I won't say here how he did it, but after the initial shock emotions were done and I had settled down, my next thoughts were "dam dude, I'm impressed, but you better hope I don't catch ya". He stole an $89 eee machine. The invertor he ripped the cord from was worth more than the computer. It was sitting on top of over $5k worth of camera gear disguised as ordinary clutter.
(I say 'he' because he knows I know it was him...I'll leave it at that.)

Here at pz a former convict posted an article on what he looked's posted below along with a very, very good how to done by the pz resident electronics expert.
Read all of her links. Seriously.

Now as far as installing an alarm, DO NOT LET SOME STRANGER TELL YOU HOW!!!
There are folks who'll teach you stuff with the intentions of taking advantage of you later. You have full faith with said person who is helping you as you say 'through skype' etc. No way dude. Bad idea. If you really have some mega rare, valuable stuff, go that extra mile to make sure you get to keep it. Find a local expert through a locksmith. Locksmiths are a rare breed who still live by an honor code that dates back to the wild west days...back when even the baddest bad guy wouldn't shoot you in the back....

Any build that involves serious rare stuff should have security at the top of the list, not down there where it's a low budget thing.

I don't say any of this as a "hate" thing.
Preludes never were big targets. Accords and Civics are the big Honda cars theives like. And these days with all the Acuras, Nissans, Beamers, Infinniti's and Audi cars being modified, it's even less likely you'll be hit...unless you leave stuff in the car that attracts folks. If you have high $ seats, put towels over them when not in the car. Subtrifuge keeps the thief looking elsewhere, because he is almost always in a hurry. If your car is that cool, they'll just take the whole thing to a place where they can go about stripping it at their leisure.

How-To: Keep Your Car From Being Stolen

All: DIY Alarm and Remote Start

Do some searching around the site, just to get to know what's where.
Unfortunately thousands of threads have been created in the last couple of years that have really cluttered up the place, and make it more difficult to find useful information anymore...but it's out there.

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Pretty much got flamed for driving like a jackass and was told to slow down. And I'll be damned, slowing down fixed it.

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Old 04-27-2015, 03:36 PM
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Re: Alarm install help

Originally Posted by PreludeLife19 View Post
I have a 92 prelude and a Excalibur AL-1851-EDPB alarm system.
I can help but first I need the Pass-Code off the bottom of the main control box!

J/K! Do NOT post that on here! (If there is even such a thing as a pass code)

But seriously, that remote should have came with an installation guide... If not, I am sure you can google and find it in under a minute.

Most of what I wrote below is covered in the links Bykfixer included but I kinda made a "Cliffs Notes" with what I thought are the MOST IMPORTANT parts you should pay attention to:

  • Install the alarm so that you CAN'T tell that there is an alarm on the car. Meaning, hide the wiring and especially hide the control box, like WAY up under the dash, behind the radio or AC Control unit. It might take you some time to do this, but they also will need that much time to find and disable it.
  • Connect the power wires for the alarm to the power wires that are needed for the car to run so if they kill power to the box, they have to kill power to the car.
  • Mount the siren under the car, or even INSIDE the car under the dash and NOT just inside the hood where they can snip the wires in a second.
  • Not sure what all options are available on your car, but knowing when they get into your car is very important. NO ONE pays attention to car alarms. So having a remote that beeps or goes off to let YOU know when the alarm is activated is a plus.
  • Alarms with motion sensors get set off by wind, cats, etc and build up a tolerance of false alarms so I would go with one that has glass break and door pin activation. That way you POSITIVELY know that your car has been breached.
  • Whatever you do… Don’t put the Alarm Sticker on your windows and DEFINITELY Don’t put a “Valet” switch under the steering column… EVERY one knows that is where it is usually installed. Instead, if you are crafty, you can make your own daisy chain of switches or buttons that need to be pushed or set in certain positions, just to get the car to start.
  • "Out of sight, Out of Mind" Like Byk said, cover your stuff, put it in the trunk, remove the radio face plate, radar detector, whatever if it draws attention. Tinted windows help, and a windshield heat deflector can too... But depending on the individual, that may raise curiosity... Just a gamble in that scenario.

Just some suggestions of what I have done in the past with other cars and what I gathered from those other threads.

Good luck with your install and unless you really REALLY trust your friend or whoever to help, keeping these "secrets" to yourself is probably your best bet.
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