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Prelude curse?

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Old 06-24-2008, 05:26 PM
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JDM-BB4 will become famous soon enoughJDM-BB4 will become famous soon enough
Prelude curse?

Don't know what to think! Its like these cars are made to be crashed.

1. The mate that got me into the Honda and car scene had a BB4 prelude when I met him. HE was driving like a maniac at that time. Every trip to mall was WRC (only 18yo). He crashed it 3 times in 2 and half months since he bought it all in the back. Car had **** paintjob anyway and got it for about $1250 USD 4 years ago (CHEAP AS). First he was parked and there was a guy reversed behind him, who reversed more and hit him. Only damage done was to the other car had cracked as bumper prelude had nothing. Second was him reversing without knowing there was a Toyota Curren parked behind him. Prelude had a cracked bumper, Yoyota had a smashed light and for some stupid reason suspension collapsed -all up $1250 repairs (WTF are those cars made of?). Third one he vtec-ed in reverse down the hill in a corner (WTF?) hit 2 cars: a cheap as van which was written off ($900), a 2000 Volvo (don't know the model) damaged for $4500. Damage done to prelude in 3 accidents ......... $750. New bumper and repainted and straightened rear quarter panel. O_O

2. The guy with the lude in point 1 knew some other maniac with a BB4 around the same time. He wrote his off in a race.

3. My mate bought a BB6 Type-S. Superb car... MINT MINT MINT. Its the same guy from point 1. This time he grew out of being an idiot. Drives nicely these days. He was nearly stationed in a mall parking lot, when a lady crashes a Daihatsu Terris in his front panel. $1300 damage to Lude. The lady tried to lie her arse out of it and after 2 months of arguing and thretens to get her and her sorry arse to court she paid.

4. Another guy I know was driving his Gen 4 lude and had a car run in front of him. He slammed brake with ABS but still crashed.

5. Another guy with lude I know was stationed at light and a car smashed into him. Low level damage.

Shall I tell my story? All this happened in 2 months.

1. Was on my way to workshop for a service and checkup. Stopped at intersection........ scooter crashes into the back of me. Dented wheel guard for scooter, white mark (clearable with cut and polish) on my bumper.

2. I was at work 2 weeks later, made a call to arrange anual Road inspection for lude. I go outside and find that a truck drove over it. Lovelly dent across my boot lid, and dropped on quarter panel, missed the light by half a finger width. Found the guy and after 3 weeks I arranged fixup, no cost for me. Insurance cost $1300

3. 2 days after I pickup the car, I left it to pay for parking with engine on 2 m behind me, when I turn around and walk toards it I notice a nice scrape down the same freshly repainted side. Someone wiped it when I last parked it.

Its like these cars are amagnet to accidents and misshaps. Why doesn't this happen to other people I know? Most guys with prelude had problems while others, its the odd one with a crash or incident. My mates dad climbed into his lude and reversed it out of the garage..... he drove a lot of dodgy cars when he was young and lots of hard to handle vehicles but he said that lude was the worst car he ever had to reverse with.

Whats your oppinion on this?
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