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3rd gen Side Mirrors RePaint and Removal Beat up a guy lol

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Old 04-10-2011, 06:31 PM
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EXT: 3rd gen side mirror removal and rePainted.

I chose 2 take off my side mirrors and RE-PAINT them my way and my style... since the little booger guy painted my car so lamely did not bother to tell me he was going to paint it left the preping of the sanded metals on it and pin striping on certain parts not finished except where I did it had 5 people FIVE!!! working on it since the guy who was supposed to prep it was there for 1 min said he would be back never came back had his mom dad family little kid 11-14 and uncle help prep it with me and my first ever prep job but love for this car that I did realize its not beyond what I could do if I just have patience and quality time to get it as bestly done I and them could which I did not have control of those peoples minds n arms to how well the prep'd there side or chunk/peice they worked on lol.. basically the guy showed up I heard 12pm at night and left 2-3am and never seen agian payed as well but the good thing only $350 for the paint job since the excellent owners of this g ride's WIFE! had purple pink pin cowboy ***** tonk striping (PAINTED ON) the hood wow all this windy girly " I do like purple tho dark PURPLE " cowboy stuff design DUH i got this in DALLES, OREGON wait this is not TEXAS you wannabe bullriders yeehaw I yelled after buying the car then bumbping some 2pac 1pac 6pack party!!! or something lol... the PRO PAINTED 1 to his TAINTER was basically taking my lude like I was walking in pitch dark 2 him in a dream turning the lights on me like a movie I covered my eyes and it got silent and I said hello? what.. what.. is that? the wheels burning out like the sound of a 3rd gen mating call to us who dig it and the story ends with him running me over my back drug under a car that maybe fits a ballpark hotdog under it "with cheese" I know cuz in the dream I seemed to want my Fu%^#&!!! dog rather than notice im under a cars dream so what im saying is being run over and drug by it doesnt hurt so get hit its ok ;)!!! leave with 1 single coated ELECTRON PEARL BLUE paint from i believe 2006 civic? cant member anyways and 1 clear coat job and a person who did not want to spray anything with curves or edges or time to get out of yer painting squat position and do some angle painting to make sure around stuff gets the paint to!!!!!! lol I know I rambled on and made it a story... new yorks not best seller HEY!!! to the MIRROR! write up thing I gotta do since yer prolly not here anymore? hello? in the PICTURES NOTICE on the EDGE of MY HOOD my car has ZITS that are not POPABLE! thats called orange peal n leaving sanded dust n not washing or cleaning car off befor you paint... got his money and disappeard hopefully into a jungle of LOVE where he is being heald by hairy man guy.

YER DAMN LUCKY THIS IS NOT A VIDEO... just think of a hose water and bathing suites n soap ICE turtlewax soap it smells like cotton candy... catch little kids trying to bite my car all the time.

P.S. u dont have to remove the door panels to get yer mirrors off DUHHH! book i think says this and moron who thinks that 1 little screw is in the way. Inside the car remove the plastic cover thats obviously connected with the mirros POWER MIRRORs dunno of the others that are not power mirrors bet its the same or close hold yer ladies close boys or ladies hold yer man sheesh its all we ask for.. remove the screw or bolt then on the outside under it like 4-5 screws take em out 1 nearest the door n paint put a towel around there so u dont scratch yer sexy paint.. remove the top lid and open up the little motor box for the p/windows unplug the wires and rout them slowly out the only hole possible and wallah! then on yer inside if u wanna paint the little triangular panel that is basically the arm to hold n bolt the mirror up go back on the inside and find the 3 little screws and just pull it off wont hurt nothing... then in rewind put it back together its easy if you wanna do quality work and got patience to get the white trim on the mirror that i painted done just tape the design of the mirror till it shows barely an mirror left cover the center up sand the trim a bit paint how many coats u wish then remove the tape and use a little razorblade and slowly at a angle shave off the paint that might of gotten on the mirror and to get a perf job done along the trim 2 have nice trim for that mirror... PAINT work is all you I do GRAFFITI ART use cans all the time so painting stuff is like going number #2 and making sure nothing is left on teh bum bums... Wow shoulda thought to paint my own car... or if yer not a bonehead sometimes like me and TRUST YER GIRLFRIEND AT THE TIMES lol BROTHERS FRIEND who SENT U PICS OF HIS PROFESSIONAL PAINT WORK which was MAGAZINE tear outs and pull up for the 1 min he was there first thing outta his mouth I dont know what to do about the pin striping but i cant just paint over that! what? who? sand paper yer lips buddy to get it off u big goof then his daddy yelled at him yer gunna get those OFF BOY!!! this dad had a PROFESSIONAL PAINT GARAGE was amazing but no one to do amazing work... why did i not just leave when if anyone comments CALL ME A BONEHEAD or SAY UNGA BUNGA or whatever u want cant wait lol ****!!!! awww im ok! ;) really we should meet up in salem at KFC or something get a FAMOUS BOWL and become famous rude luders on a duder.. and set out a grip of 3rd gens and do circles around them till we get dizzy and then you can find yer way home thanks for coming. [/SIZE]
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