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prelude loss of power help!

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Old 05-11-2014, 11:26 PM
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prelude loss of power help!

Long story short. 01 prelude base vtec. Couple of questions that would really make my night alot easier. Ok I bought my lude last year. It ran like ****. It wasnt taken care of by the last owner. It was wrecked yada yada. Main issue fuel being too rich. Ive searched high and low and was wondering could my aem cold air intake be the culprit? It is installed to sit in the bumper fender area. Im pretty sure its a 3 inch intake. Could having such a long intake either give too much air and make the ecu change the air fuel ratio to too rich? How to test this theory when i dont have the stock airbox? Thats the new check engine light deal. The only codes it pulled before were for the egr valve and manifold. So yesterday I got the plugs, drilled out the ports cleaned the ports/ valve installed a new gasket and put it all back together. While at it I tightened my throttle cable pulled and inspected the injectors. They looked good except the one I dropped it broke the little plastic shield that shields the nozzle. It did not contact the nozzle on impact. Since the egr was cleaned it is running better. But it should be faster. As I push the accelerator it takes a split secont to respond. There seems to be a lag between 3 to 5k rpm. Vtec kicks in but it doesnt have the deep growl. The tone changes only slightly. And more power is of course felt but not as much as should be. I have a 2002 acura rsx type s and the v tec pull is worlds different in tone hp torque everything. Other than when I romp on it the car drives fine, no issues. I have replaced plugs with ngk the same as stock, new wires the cap still looks really good. New radiator and fluid. For a while it had an oil cooler gasket leak which has since been repaired. Oil is regularly changed. It seems to burn a little oil depending on how much I hit v tec. I have only seen smoke one time and was right after the egr manifold was cleaned.
So basically is my 3 foot aem intake an issue that would cause the rich run? Is it having to pull too long to get air causing the 3 to 5k lag?
V tec power? Is it comparable to an rsx type s?
Is the low rpm 3 to 5k slow acceleration normal?
Will the injector shroud being gone cause an issue?
Besides injector cleaner, sea foam etc is there anything to stop the rich run?
And how the hell do you stop water from leaking into the trunk from the taillight? I could raise goldfish in there. Ps the line from the sunroof drains as it should.
Thanks for the help I appreciate it. Sorry if theres some thread already covering all these topics. I just have alot of **** to do and not alot of time.
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Old 05-12-2014, 02:10 PM
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Re: prelude loss of power help!

Is the engine running rough? You should do a compression test on the engine, but I don't think compression is your problem. Have you checked the ignition and mechanical timing? When I bought my fourth gen it had a terrible loss of power. From a dead stop I would push the gas then 1 second later it would go. No low end power at all. Seemed my mechanical timing was off a few teeth, my spark plugs where also bosch, not only that there were 2 diffrent kinds of bosch plugs in there. Possibly a TPS sensor can also cause a lag or hesitation, was it replaced? My engine runs rich due to bad timing before and my throttle body, seemed it was messed with and the throttle screw was messed with, anyways you should do a full tune up, wires, plugs, cap and rotor, then if no change check the mechanical timing of the engine, take off valve cover and upper timing cover bring the engine to TDC and check the marks on the camshafts, they should both be pointing up and the grooves on the cams should line up with each other and the head. Get a spray bottle with soap and water and spray all around the back of the head and throttle body. And make sure when you tightened the throttle cable you didn't leave it open a bit, that can cause lag it happened to me.
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Old 05-13-2014, 01:46 AM
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Re: prelude loss of power help!

Thats what is weird. it runs like a champ. Compression is solid. The belts could be a bit quieter but they are getting close to needing to be changed. Other than the lag check engine and weak vtec it runs smootly and as expected no hiccups whatsoever. Sorry if it seems noob but how do I check my ignition and timing? My plugs were also random crap plugs when I bought it. Tps? Throttle positioning sensor? Never even thought to check it since you can manually adjust the throttle. Which I did mine was very loose now leaving it open? I adjusted it with the car on and got it snug leaving the engine still at idol. Could it still possibly be open a bit? I will open the valve cover as soon as I get the gaskets for the top end and spark plug tubes. I may have some questions regarding getting it to tdc. I have never done that but I have so far been a very competent backyard mechanic. I have in the last month done: plugs, cap, oil, radiator, battery. Thats why I was thinking air intake its the only thing I havent replaced. But I have never heard that an intake being too long would make any difference. Would it be safe to just take it off and go for a spin and see if I get more power at lower rpms?
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cai, check engine, lag, running rich

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