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System Lean - EGR Problem?

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System Lean - EGR Problem?

I've had my 98 Prelude since this summer and about a month and a half ago the engine light came on. I took it to Advance and had the OBDII read and printed out. It spit out:
1. System too lean
2. Catalyst Below efficiency
3. Fuel Trim Malfunction
Took it over to Honda dealership and they diagnosed that the number one O2 sensor was bad. So, I called Advance and found out that the OEM O2 sensor was $250 and Honda was going to charge me $300 installed. So, I let them do it.

Now, a month and half later, my engine light is intermittenly coming on and going off. Took it back to advance and the codes are:

1. System too lean
2. Fuel trim malfunction

I'm thinking it is the number 2 O2 sensor because it has the same codes as when the number one goes out and its doing the same things (hesitation, bad gas mileage, smelly exhaust, and hydrocarbons all over my bumber)

The weird thing is... now the light goes on and off. When the light is on, it runs like **** and gets bad gas mileage and smells. When the light goes off, everything is normal

Well, I took it back to Honda and the light happened to be off but they were able to read the soft codes. After about 45 minutes, they tell me that the EGR valve was stuck and not free-flowing. The tech cleaned some gunk off it and made it able to flow again but said I probably need to have the EGR ports cleaned since the valve was dirty, there is probably a lot of trash on the ports. They wanted $240 for this job! I said no and took my car.They also said that my fuel trim was operating around the .85-.93 mark and it should be 1.

So far, I havent had a problem. Its been a week so far.

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before or know of a solution that might fix it other than taking the fuel rail off and cleaning the EGR ports. The tech wasnt 100% that it would fix it, but was "pretty sure." I'd be glad to clean the ports myself if thats the problem, just curious if anyone has had this issue.

-One other quick note, I've noticed that the car vibrates sometimes during idle, at first I thought it was the fan turning on and off, but it does it even when the fan is off. The best way I can describe the vibration is its like when you have your foot on the clutch and as you start to let it up, the car shakes a little because its about to engage. Thats kinda what the idle vibration feels like, or a fan turning on. I dont know if this is part of the fuel trim issue or its something else such as: spark plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, or maybe even motor mounts. What do you think?

Any input is much appreciated, sorry the long post.
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