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OFFICIAL How to swap Type S F22 to H22A4

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Old 05-31-2017, 06:44 AM
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OFFICIAL How to swap Type S F22 to H22A4

this is for all the Guys who hate that slow ass stock f22 and Want that Nice H22a4 That either more along there Budget or just so happen to have laying around!. I just complete this swap and after searching like crazy there is no REAL THREAD ON THIS AND THERE SHOULD BE! so here we go!!

F22A1: SOHC non vtec
130 hp @ 5200 rpm
137 lb·ft @ 4000 rpm

American 5th gen Prelude Base DOHC VTEC
197 hp @ 7,000 rpm
156 ft·lb @ 5,250 rpm

Parts that you will need!

The Fuel Rail!
This is different on the 5th gen because the fuel line goes on the other side here there is a Pic to show you the diff! to get that to work!
Use a H22A1 Fuel Rail if you cant find one the AEM Fuel rail will work!!

Fuel injectors!- you will need the h22a1 fuel injectors!!! they are 345cc Hold and PEAK

the 97 and up use 290cc injectors and are Saturated but not only that the plugs are also different!!

H22A4 Injector

H22A1 Injector

The Distributor!-
on the A4 is obd2! meaning the block has a crank sensor on the timing belt end! well you cant use that! remove the crank sensor! and just get you a h22A1! or h23a1! Distributor they both work!

The ALternator! on the 97 and up they are obd2!! you cant use them unless! you either! cut the plug off the harness and change it! or! if you dont wana cut wires just buy you any ALTERNATOR from a OBD1!! Accord or! Prelude!

Motor mounts!!! ok you can use! the rear and front motor mounts from the 5th gen! but you cant with the transmission or driver side! the transmission uses a completely different transmission motor mount here is the
Transmission motor mount for the 4th gen!

The driver side!!
the motor mount bracket is the same!!!! you can use it but! the rubber mount itself is not the same its different! here is the mount that is used on the 4th gen!!

The WaterNeck!!! you will need a water neck from the h23a1,h22a1 they use a sensor on the waterneck the the h22a4 doesnt

The Trottle Body!!!

ok you can go a few ways here... you can use your h22a4 throttle body but its easier to use a h23a1 or h22a1! but if you dont have it! all you do it Cut the plug that plugs into the map sensor! then extend those wires so it can reach! the map sensor on the h22a4 throttle body! you have to cause the plug cant reach it! you do this because the map sensor is on the firewall on the 92! not on the throttle body!

itll look like this

The ECU!!
to get the car running! and just to be a DAILY then you will go with the Factory P13!! the only issue is you can not get a p13 TUNED!!
they are also limited to around 120mph! in the long run for more power,racing and limiter removed the best one to buy is p28!

The p13 is the DOHC VTEC ECU for the 4th gen

The Knock Sensor!!

the h22a4 Knock sensor is not the same! the sensor is a different shape and is a different size! the obd1 92 knock sensor is 27 mm the h22a4 is 24mm and is a sqaure! to save you trouble just use the h23a1 or h22a1 sensor!

now here comes the Last Step!! and really simple honestly!

the wire harness on the 92 prelude was not wire up for

knock sensor
vtec solenoid
oil pressure ground wire
oil pressure switch

you can either! use a h22a1! engine harness witch is plug and play on the motor and you dont have to add to the harness! ( but you will have to wire it in through the firewall into the car at the ecu!)

if you use the h23a1 Engine harness! you will have to only! add in
the Vtec solenoid and oil pressure switch which is easy!but you will still have to also wire it into the ecu!

here is simple pictures to show you!

this is not a PRELUDE!! ECU plug up but you get my point!! you see the empty slots!! that have no wires in the holes! well thats where you will wire in the wiring for the sensors! they are numbered! here is a few pics

this is your cheat code sheet!!! this is all you need to know! here are the the slots! you will run the wires into for the ecu to find them

and here is your wire harness IDEA! you can by these from rywire but you see the but ends where you would pin them into the ecu! and then into your sensors!!once those are in your wiring is good to go!!

For any more information contact!!

Glenn Too Low Pittman on Facebook thank you!
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If you love these people so much, you can mourn for them!
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