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Hey just looking for some insight, and techy advice and knowledge!

Racing at a Asphalt 1/3 Mile Oval Track! Need advice on getting my car to the front! We have run non-vtec... :( !!!.

I have attached a copy of the some rules to follow ... seems you have to keep suspension bone stock and your very limited mechanically what you can do to engine etc...

Stock gas shocks/strutts. No racing shocks/strutts or Bump Stops. No adjustable shocks/struts. No suspension tethers allowed. Factory length shocks/struts only
All suspension and frame components must be stock for the make, model and year of the car, with no modification. Suspension may not be adjusted. No components can be interchanged for those that are stock with the exception of polyurethane bushings. No modification of stock suspension locating points allowed. No heim joint bracing of suspension points – Strut tower brace is permitted with
heims. To achieve wheel camber strut tower bolt holes may be elongated. Suspension bolts must be grade 8 or higher and must be stock diameter.
Macpherson Strut / Solid rear axle cars are allowed two adjustable suspension components and can be located in the front or rear suspensions. Examples of items that are permitted are: adjustable control arm and adjustable strut mount. A set equals two items. You will need to contact the speedway for written approval prior to installation of items.
If camber exceeds 2 ½ degrees + or – a racing wheel and oversize studs & nuts must be used on the right front. A max of 3 degrees rear camber permitted. Unibody cars may install subframe connectors with a max. of 2"x2" .095 tubing. A single strut tower brace with a max. of 1 ¾” .095 tubing may be used. No weight jacking devices of any type allowed.
OEM springs may be altered, Spring rubbers or clamps are permitted. Any type factory diameter spring allowed. A non-adjustable spacer may be used under the spring to achieve ride height. No Coil Binding. Must sit in factory spring location.
OEM sway bar only make, year and model being run. Sway bar bolts and spacers must be same length side to side.
Clutch and Flywheel must be OEM or stock type replacement. No aluminum or light weight clutch assemblies permitted. No lightning or drilling of clutch assembly. Flywheel must be within 20% of original weight.
Larger rads permissible only if they fit in stock rad cradle. No antifreeze permitted, A overflow can must be installed on the firewall, behind the right front tire. Front rad cradle must be retained.
Stock exhaust manifold only. No headers permitted factory or aftermarket. Headers are allowed on
8/12 valve carbureted cars. If an exhaust manifold is not available for the engine being run then factory tubular exhaust is permitted. Max pipe size of 2 ½”OD. A muffler is required, no altering permitted (cars with excessively noisy mufflers will be asked to be changed or will not be permitted to compete), but catalytic converter may be removed. Exhaust pipes must exit to the outside of the car to the rear of the driver and within 18" of the rear wheels. Exhaust should be firmly mounted high enough to avoid contact with the track surface during racing conditions. The exhaust cannot have any sharp edges or protrude outside of the body line. Exhaust may run above the original floor pan but must be completely enclosed to prevent any gases from entering drivers compartment.
No snow, directional or racing tires allowed. Maximum tire size allowed is 205x60x(rim size). Only one tire size difference allowed from side to side or front to rear. All tires are subject to approval of official in charge. All tires must be DOT approved and cannot have a tread wear rating of less than
200, if either the DOT approved or tread wear rating is removed from the tire it will be deemed illegal. Tires up to and including H rating permitted. Falken Azenis 195/60/14 or 205/50/15 tire is allowed and recommended. A 1/8” tread depth rule will be enforced. No tire doping and/or chemical treating allowed. Tire relief valves are not permitted
Any automatic or manual transmission can be used as long as it bolts up to the engine without any modifications, must sit in factory existing mounts, and must be stock. All cars must have a working reverse gear. Transmission coolers are permitted and cannot be mounted in the driver’s compartment.
Maximum width of 7" measured from bead to bead seat will be allowed. All wheels must be either 12,
13, 14 or 15" diameter. No intermixing of wheel size permitted. No reworking or altering of factory wheels. Steel after-market racing wheels allowed no light weight wheels. Aluminum wheels are allowed provided they are a stock production wheel made by the factory manufacturer. Right side wheels must be steel. Any offset wheel permitted as long as wheels don’t protrude outside of the original factory bodyline – no wheel flares or reworking of wheel openings.
OEM style cams (duration and lift) lifters, and springs only. No regrinds permitted. No adjustable timing gears or offset or multiple key ways. Stock cam duration and lift rule is eliminated for carbureted engines.
Compression will be checked and must not exceed factory specs.
Must be stock for engine being run, No head modification. Stock OEM rocker arms and ratio only.
Stock fuel pumps only. Electric fuel pumps allowed provided car was manufactured with it. No high pressure after market electric fuel pumps allowed. When using an electric fuel pump an oil sender safety shut-off must be used.
Original OEM manifolds only. No polishing, grinding, lightening, fitting or matching allowed. No
All engine management parts and software must be stock and functioning normally with the exception of O2 sensors. ECM’s may have aftermarket software/tune. Injectors must be in the factory flow rate. Fuel pressure must be stock for the make and model of car.
Factory mounts may be replaced with solid mounts, engine must remain in stock location.
Stock OEM replacement pumps only.
Body must be stock for the car being used, doors, fenders and lower quarter panels may be re- skinned using a minimum of 22 gauge steel sheet metal.
Front and rear bumpers may be aftermarket but must be in stock position. They can be reinforced from the inside only. Both must bumpers must have safety chains attached from the bumper to the frame. Each car must have a tow hook or chain front and back, mounted under bumper and must be visible to safety crew.
All doors must be welded or bolted shut to the satisfactions of the tech inspector. If only door skins are used then 3 horizontal door bars on driver’s side are required with minimum of 2 vertical bars between each horizontal bar. Minimum height of door bars 22 ½ inches from bottom of frame rail. Minimum length of door bars 42 inches. Plus a minimum off 40” x 14” high 16 gauge metal plate between door bars and body skin on drivers side. X bars on right side of cage will be allowed.
Minimum frame and body height is 5" with driver in car. You are allowed one lift by a single crew member.
Full stock hood and trunk must be retained with the exception of the inner bracing which may be removed, No hood openings allowed. A quick hold-down release must be used with easy access in the event of a fire. No modified rear spoilers.

However I see cars at the track with crazy camber that for sure are beyond the rules... and the fact some are hauln ass down the stretch above and beyond what a stock motor would pull back in the day!

So I'm just looking for any feedback Tire Pressures, Suspension Set ups, Engine, Intake, Body Mods etc... to enhance the performance of the car staying within the rules ... Any help is good help!!!

thanks in advance for anyone and everyone's help on this project of mine!!!
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uberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud ofuberluder has much to be proud of

Glad to see another prelude asphalt racer. I just wrote you a nice long reply and it wouldn't "take" and it finally erased itself. I probably pushed the wrong button. So, at the risk of having some "spam - robot" snagging my email address and ruining my life (-lol) I'm gonna give you my email and hope you see it and we can discuss racing preludes.
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