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a few issues

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Old 07-05-2015, 09:34 PM
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a few issues

okay so i have a few little problems with my car was hoping to get some help here!

1) when im driving my speedometer will jump up 20MPH randomly. So ill be going 40 but itll say im going 60 and etc. This seems to be happening at night more often than the day. What could that be?

2) Passeneger side window switch will roll down but you have to like press and jimmy it in weird ways to get it to go back up? Im assuming this is probably some contact stuff?

3) driver side door only locks/unlocks with the key on the outside. when i use the lever on the inside, the lock sound is made, just nothing happens

4) my ABS light is on even though all my breaks work and everythings fine, im assuming this is a sensor issue? what should I do about fixing that?

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Re: a few issues

Take it to a shop.

This is all basic old car maintenance stuff. But if you are here at this site asking these sort of questions one has to figure you are not very experienced. Not a stab at ya there skibble. Just a start to a dialog.
It would be better to get to know folks who have experience than to simply ask a bunch of strangers on a web site who may or may not help or worse, give you the wrong info.
There's no shame in not knowing. None of us did at one point. Some learned watching others, while some learned on their own. Some by trial and error.
I learned the Honda by going to junkyards and disassembling civics and accords and when possible...preludes. One day I disassembled the entire interior of a 3rd gen in an attempt to learn how to replace plastic parts without breaking anything later.
Until you know, get to know who does. The shop is not the boogie man. Many mechanics are glad to help you help yourself. Just be patient, as the good ones are usually very busy.

1) until you get the speedo fixed watch the tach to see how fast you are going at certain rpms in certain gears. Likely a speed sensor.

2) your regulator is going bad, needs greasing or something is bent. Don't roll the window down until you get it fixed.

3) you can manually push/pull the lock lever. Try wd40 in the lock mechanism..

4) could be a dirty sensor or a bad pump or something in between...again take it to a shop. The lamp indicates a malfunction somewhere. And chances are they are not functioning. Some are bothered by that. Others are not. Your brakes will still work in an emergency, but you may skid if the abs is not functioning.

Learn how to remove the door panels so you can check what's going on inside the doors regarding the lock and the window. Spray some wd40 in the moving parts of the lock system.
Check your auto part store to see if they have a speed sensor in stock. Chances are good they carry it but may not be in stock. Not real hard to swap that.
There's a pdf service manual in the diy section here that should come in handy.

Tell us about your car. Maybe show some pix. We love pix of preludes here.

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I remember my first thread, asking what a noise was when I got going 110mph.
Pretty much got flamed for driving like a jackass and was told to slow down. And I'll be damned, slowing down fixed it.

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