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Coolant/trans/fuel issues. Stuck.

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Coolant/trans/fuel issues. Stuck.

Not sure where to begin. Power steering pump was leaking and belt fraying so had my mechanic (not Honda specific) replace those things, as well as brakes and checked everything. On a side note, about a year ago I pretty much blew the engine and had another put in but it was an f20. Engine light would come on at about 40 mph if I went above 4k rpm fast. If I accelerated slowly, no CEL. Came up as 23- knock sensor. I might add now that I'm mechanically inclined, but not specifically experienced in a vehicle sense. More of a "if I disassemble it, I learn how it works a can fix it and put it back together ". I'm learning that doesn't help much with cars. So here's what's Currently happening :

Car came out of the shop, no issues other than it shifts hard, which it's always done. Plus the d4 light blinks. No problems though. Got a new stereo installed th day after coming out of the shop. and still everything was good. Two days later, the car took about 5-6 seconds to start. Started up , was fine that day. Next day, car took a few seconds to start , then rpm's jumped to 2000, then dropped to 500 and below, sputtered but didn't die. Just jumped between 500-900. Noticed the car shifted late, and acceleration was a little jumpy. Like the rpm's were fluctuating about 200 rpm's in either direction of where it should be. Nothing noticeable to anyone that wasn't used to driving it. Would idle rough when stopped and also when parked. Never died though. Was off work 2 days, and didn't touch it. Went back to work Wednesday , car performed perfectly for half the day (I work for pepsi driving my personal car store to store, about 6 stops a day ) and the car did that same routine upon starting, except it died twice in a row before starting up. Ran codes when I got home with the blue connector. 23 and 43. Knock and fuel supply. Called mechanic. He's on vacation. Figured it would hold out through today. WRONG. Got to my first store with no problems. Tried to start it. Revved up and immediately died. 6 times in a row. Tried again and kept foot on the gas to keep from dying. Bad choice. Heard a pop and a loud spraying / pressure release sound after about 20 seconds. Pop the hood. Coolant running all over the place and down my exhaust under the car, just below the manifold (I think that's what it's called. Again, not real great with cars). Car wasn't hot so I took plastic guard off bottom and the cover over manifold that says HOT, so I could see if i had a leak. I can't personally find a leak. So I attempt to start it again. Car started and idles at 900ish like it should. 2 minutes later , pop and spraying again, this time A LOT of coolant. It's coming from somewhere near the base of radiator and manifold pipes. I can't figure it out though. I'm currently still in this parking lot waiting on a tow. If anyone has an idea , please share cause I'm clueless and screwed right now.
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