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Big Brake Upgrade - 92-96 Prelude vtec calipers - 11.0" Rotors

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Old 09-27-2014, 04:51 PM
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Icon14 Big Brake Upgrade - 92-96 Prelude vtec calipers - 11.0" Rotors

Ok so I decided to do my own bigger brake upgrade after many years of debating.

Here is what I did and what was simplest and affordable.

Its debatable on whether or not going bigger is going to help with stopping, for me I can feel that my stock setup is a little under powered with the H23a swap.

But I will test it myself and since I priced these parts out for relatively cheap I decided to take the plunge.

Total cost is just for the Front brakes, the rears are only going to get a bigger rotor and 5th gen rear brake pad as soon as I can get me the caliper adapter to push the stock caliper further out.
I do not want to mess with the parking brake and rather keep it fully funtional ebrake that can go back to stock should I choose too.

Front Brake setup: 92-96 Prelude vtec Brakes with 11.0" 2007 Mini Cooper 280mm 4 lug rotors.

1. 92-96 Prelude OEM rebuilt calipers
2. Brake pads - ceramic
3. 2007 Mini Cooper 11.0" Rotors
Cost: $135.89 - shipped
All parts where purchased off of ebay, you really cant compete sometimes even with OEM rebuilt stuff. But from here on out if the calipers start to fail I will simple be able to replace the caliper with cores now.

Step 1. - Remove stock caliper
Step 2. - Remove caliper braket
Step 3. - Bend the dust shield backwards to clear the 4th gen vtec caliper bracket.
Step 4. - Purchase washers and new longer bolts. What I purchased were:
  1. 19mm head x 30mm length bolts
  2. 16 matching washers - 4 per bolt front side of bolt is 1.75mm - backside of braket between the rotor and bracket - 2.50mm washers
Step 5. - Get to work son!!!

Washers -

Bolts -

The stock Si rotors are 10.3" vs the 11.0" 2007 mini cooper rotors and 4th gen vtec rotors.

Here is the caliper bracket comparison:

Compared the rotors face to face:

Here is the stock 92-96 vtec caliper bracket bolted up to test fit.

In order to get the bracket to sit right you will need to bend the dust shield in some areas like so:

And then to setup the caliper bracket you will need to pre install the new bolt and washers like so:

And then here is how it will sit afterwards:

Here is the disc clearances once installed, and it clears just perfect with not touch at all:

For the caliper itself, I used the bolt and crush washers that came with the caliper, and it bolts up just perfect, no need to change your line unless of course the line is bad and needs replacing.
The fittings fit in the same area and as long as you torque it down properly no leaks.

Once you get the caliper braket setup then its just like replacing the stock brake pads.

Here is the final product after all is said and done.

As you can see the new rotors cover the dust shield so it looks kind funny.

I have been driving on the new system for over 100 miles and I am full satisfied with the feel and response to the brakes. I am using ceramic pads and stock rotors so if going this route and you choose to get higher end pads with slotted rotors, I can only imagine it will respond even better.

I hope you all enjoyed this more detailed explaination and cost setup. :smilejap:

And final look with the rims back on and on the ground.

H22 Project Manager (Clik Here)

3rd Gen Performance Link!!

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3rd Gen Prelude Owners are Rare Breed of Enthusiast's!!! (originally posted by: RED89si)

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